Thursday, 22 July 2021

Preorder goodies!

To any of you who have already preordered my new book: thank you so, so much. It means the world that you want to read it, and preordering makes a huge difference (it lets my publishers know you’re keen to see more books from me, for starters!) If you have or are going to preorder, I have some book swag that I will gladly send you as a thank you.

There are 2 sets to go with the 2 different editions, and each includes a signed bookplate, Dead-Eyed Sadie sticker, and a postcard. If you’d like to claim a set, simply email your proof of purchase to and let me know in the subject line if you’d like the Burden Falls swag or the Wicked Little Deeds swag, and of course include in the email the address you’d like me to send it to 😊

This offer will run until the day before it comes out — so until 4 August for Wicked Little Deeds, or 23 August for Burden Falls, unless I run out of swag before then (highly unlikely, because I ordered a lot).


Monday, 5 July 2021

Wicked Little Deeds comes out in one month!

Eek! It's now just one month until Wicked Little Deeds hits shelves in the UK (a couple of weeks longer until its US counterpart, Burden Falls, releases on 24 August). 

If you preorder, keep your receipts because I will be offering some cool swag to those who do  -- there are some handy buy links over on the right.