Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Halloween wrap-up!

Helloooooo, and happy Halloweeeeeeeen! *waggles fingers in spooky fashion* As promised several weeks ago (eek!) it's time to wrap up what went on in September and October. Let's start with a bang, eh? 

I was over the moon to announce the deal for my next book, Harrow Lake, which will be hitting shelves in Summer 2020 (Penguin Random House Children's/Kathy Dawson Books). 

The wheeling and dealing which preceded that announcement was all going on while I was in Orlando, which was literally the most exciting trip in history (I mean, book deal emails pinging my phone while I was being chased through Universal Studios by evil clowns -- does it even get more surreal than that??)

This meant that I got to celebrate secretly before coming home, and celebrate again when the announcement came out, and then celebrate again when Three Strikes was published, and then celebrate again with Lucy Christopher, Rhian Ivory, Chelley Toy, Lauren James, and a room full of wonderful readers at the Birmingham launch last week. In other words, I got through some prosecco this month.

If you missed Birmingham but were hoping to catch a spooky Three Strikes chat with me, there will be at least 2 more chances - at Cardiff Library on 1st December, and at Swansea Waterstones on 2nd December. There are links on my 'Interviews & appearances' page if you want to get tickets for either of those. I'll also add any more events to that page as they are confirmed.

Now I'm working on what I hope will be the book after Harrow Lake, and I've been researching and making notes and starting to scratch out the bare bones of what I'm referring to as the waterfall book -- all in time to get really stuck in during November. I will be semi-NaNoWriMo-ing, if you want to join me; at least until/unless I have to switch to working on edits for Harrow Lake. I'm looking forward to both, so it should be a great month either way.

Speaking of November, it's my birthday next month, and so I think that calls for a giveaway! I have a few spare copies of some of my books, so I'll see what sort of book-and-swag prizes I can get together, and I'll put the details up here and on my Insta and Twitter. Watch this space around 11th November if you want to be in with a chance of winning :-)

Reading-wise, I haven't exactly been storming through my TBR lately, but I have read these since the last update:

Yes, Three Strikes counts, because I only wrote 1/3 of it. Of the other books I read, Undead Girl Gang by Lily Anderson was definitely my favourite, and one I highly recommend if you're after something spooky and funny this Halloween.

I'll leave you with a snapshot of how I'm starting November. 

Reading: A BLADE SO BLACK by L.L. McKinney

Audiobooking: THE CHEERLEADERS by Kara Thomas

Singing along to: JEALOUS SEA by Meg Myers, BLUR b and SCREWS by Dreamers (this one was playing constantly in Florida while I was there, so it has all good feels attached to it)

Watching: Riverdale (I blazed through Sabrina and Hill House, which were both fabulous)

For now...

Kat out x

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

THREE STRIKES and a new book deal!

Hello! It's been an amazing few weeks, which I'll write about here soon, but I wanted to let you know about 2 of the most amazing things that happened recently:

THREE STRIKES is now out in the world! This collection of novellas features The Twins of Blackfin by me, The Darkness by Lucy Christopher, and Matchgirl by Rhian Ivory, and it is the perfect chilling pre-Halloween read (even if I do say so myself...)

If this sounds like your kind of thing, you can order a copy from Firefly Press with free P&P, or from any other good bookseller, or order it from your local library.

You can also come and see us talking about the book in Waterstones Birmingham on 24 October - the event is free, you just need to book a ticket. You can also watch a video of me talking about The Twins of Blackfin riiiiight here.

Also -- ALSO -- my new book deal was announced! Harrow Lake, my dark psychological thriller/horror novel, will be published by Penguin Random House Children's in 2020! Puffin UK acquired the UK/Commonwealth/translation rights, and Kathy Dawson Books bought North American Rights, and I couldn't be more thrilled! Check out the announcement in The Bookseller, and I'll post updates here when I have them. The way this all went down was pretty incredible, and I'll tell the whole story in my full wrap-up later this month.

For now...

Kat out x