Friday, 20 July 2018

THREE STRIKES has a cover!


Stopping by briefly to say that the cover for THREE STRIKES - the anthology of novellas featuring stories by my, Lucy Christopher, and Rhian Ivory - has now officially been unleashed, and here it is!

Isn't it pretty? I'm so excited to see the finished print version, which should be sometime before its release on 11 October. If you'd like to preorder a copy (please, please do!) you can order it direct from Firefly Press, from Amazon UK, or from any good book retailer.

If you'd like a little teaser for THE TWINS OF BLACKFIN...

Visiting her best friend's grave at midnight, Bo sees the young people of Blackfin walking the streets in a trance, as though they're looking for something. An eerie voice calls to them, but who does it belong to? Where is the mysterious door it wants them to find? And can Bo avoid falling under the voice's spell herself?

On a completely different note, if you're wondering where the heck my June wrap-up post was, I decided to take a small summer break from the blog (this post notwithstanding), so prepare for a mammoth update in early August when I'll be giving the lowdown on things like YALC, advance copies of THREE STRIKES, what I've been writing and reading all summer, and various adventures involving castles and spooky islands and cemeteries and such. You know what to expect by now, right??

Anyway, back to my WIP, where I'm currently working out the logistics of being cursed to always tell the truth. Fun times.

Kat out x