Sunday, 3 June 2018

May Wrap-up!

In May I celebrated 4 whole years as a published author, as BLACKFIN SKY was published on the 14th May 2014 (I say 'celebrated', but I actually only just realised it this second). And soon there will be another instalment in the story of Blackfin - THE TWINS OF BLACKFIN which will be out in just a few short months as part of the THREE STRIKES anthology, wheeeeeee!

On that theme, I've been told there will be a draft cover for THREE STRIKES coming soon, which is very exciting. It's like seeing an e-fit of your imaginary child's face, or something less ghoulish. Anyway, if I'll be seeing it soon, then it will no doubt be out there in the world not long after that. Expect a special blog post when that happens.

Writing-wise, I've been working on 2 projects for the past month: the new witchy novel, and an old MS I'm sort of dusting off to see whether it might have legs. I've also been putting in some research because the witchy book has an historical thread to it, and although I'm screwing with history a little bit (and why not?) I want to at least get the key historical markers in the right positions before I drop-kick them out of the park. I think I just mixed some metaphors there. Go with it, it'll be fine.

As part of my research, I got to go on a few adventures. First I went to Harlech Castle, because I'm all about the castles.

And I went back to Llanddwyn Island on Anglesey, because it's stunning. Also book-relevant.

View from the ruin of Dwynwen's chapel on Ynys Llanddwyn

And I visited a 5000-year-old burial mound, as you do. Also book-relevant.

Quite a mound.

Another fun thing that happened this month: I bought a book-inspired necklace from Literary Galaxy which has just launched. This one was inspired by The Cruel Prince which I have yet to read, but I just loved the necklace.

Speaking of books I haven't read... I had quite a meagre reading month in May. I only read 3 books.  These are they:

EVERLESS by Sara Holland is a YA fantasy series-opener about Jules, a poor teen girl who lives in Sempera -- a land where a person's lifetime can be used as currency. To try and get herself and her father out of debt, Jules takes a job working in Everless, home to an aristocratic family who chased Jules and her father out of town when Jules witnessed a crime as a little girl. Lots of secrets, lies, and political intrigue made this my favourite read of the month.

DAMSELFLY by Chandra Prasad is a Lord-of-the-Flies-esque thriller about a group of private school teens whose jet crash lands on a desert island. It's a survival story, though the main threat doesn't come from predatory animals or starvation, but rather from one particularly nasty member of the group and an unknown stranger they call 'The Enemy'. There were lots of cool elements to the story, but it kind of goes from zero to WTF without much explanation. Bonus points for the creepiness of having the dead pilot's glass eye watching over the group the whole time, though.

(DON'T YOU) FORGET ABOUT ME by Kate Karyus Quinn starts out weird, and gets weirder and weirder as it goes along. Gardnerville is a place where nobody dies or gets sick, but that comes with a price: every four years, some murderous urge takes hold of the Gardnerville teens. That was what happened to Skylar's sister Piper four years ago: she led a bunch of people down to the railway bridge and made them jump off. She's been locked up in the reformatory ever since. Skylar has spent the intervening years living in a pill-induced haze, but now it's time to face her own fourth year, and face her sister again. I liked this one a lot initially, but the narrative skipping back and forth through time lost me, and I ended up taking a long while to finish it. Top marks for weirdness, though.

And that's it for my May reads! I'll leave you with a snapshot of how I'm starting June:

Reading: OUTCAST by Robert Kirkman

Audiobooking: THE FIREMAN by Joe Hill

Singing along to: NUMB by Meg Myers and KILL V. MAIM by Grimes

For now...

Kat out x

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