Tuesday, 25 October 2016

What happened at YAShot

Hello! Happy almost-Halloween!

I spent Saturday (and part of Sunday) dairn sairf as I was taking part in a panel on 'Space Odyssey: The Resurgence of YA Sci-Fi' as part of the YAShot event down in Uxbridge. And it was a fabulous event! I only got there in time to catch one panel before my own, but the atmosphere was buzzing, and I got to meet and catch up with tons of awesome folks from the authoring and blogging community.

Here are a couple of snaps tweeted during our panel - all credit to the lovely Lorraine Gregory and Katherine Webber:

It was great to meet and talk to Lauren James (our most excellent panel chair) and SF Said, especially after enjoying their books so much. We talked about whether sci-fi was really a genre, or more of a setting; how we researched different elements of our books; what inspired us to write sci-fi in the first place; and poo. Oh yes, that was my fault (I was explaining how purge technology works in my book PURGE, and... well... Mason doesn't go to the toilet for several days while he's figuring out how it works. Enough said.)

Lauren and SF were also kind enough to sign their books for me:

This has become a tradition whenever I have an event with authors I'm meeting for the first time. I'm building up a tidy little collection of signed books now! I was also given a lovely author lanyard with my name in beads, and a nifty little tote with some goodies inside:

Huge thanks to Alexia Casale and the YAShot team who organised this fab event, and to all the people who came to our sci-fi panel and asked such great questions. Sorry about the poo.

Kat x

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