Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Firefly YA panel at Waterstones Cardiff


Last Saturday I joined 4 other Firefly YA authors - Rhian Ivory (THE BOY WHO DREW THE FUTURE), Maria Grace (WHITE PETALS), Sarah Govett (THE TERRITORY Series), and Ruth Morgan (ALIEN RAIN) - for a fab panel discussion of our books and all things YA. The panel was chaired by brilliant vlogger Sarah Churchill (you should definitely subscribe to her Youtube channel and follow her on Twitter), and I had such a great time!

L-R: Sarah Churchill, me, Sarah Govett, Rhian Ivory
L-R: me, Sarah Govett, Rhian Ivory, Maria Grace

L-R: Maria Grace & Ruth Morgan
If you live in or around Cardiff but weren't able to make it to the event, there are loads of signed books in the Waterstones shop for you to grab. Here I am signing copies of PURGE.

Afterwards we went out for a few drinks and a catch-up, as you do.

L-R: Megan Farr (Publicist with Firefly Press), Penny Thomas (Publisher with Firefly Press), Rhian Ivory, me
Me and Maria Grace and a mojito (just out of shot)
If you missed me in Cardiff and want to hear me talk about PURGE and other things, I'll be at YAShot in Uxbridge on 22nd October (tickets here) on a panel with SF Said and Lauren James - hope to see you there!

Kat out x

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