Wednesday, 7 September 2016

August Wrap-Up!

Sooooo, I almost forgot (did forget) to write my August wrap-up - probably because it flew by so quickly. As I'd hoped, it was a great month to catch up on reading; a good one as far as my writing went, and I squeezed in a few decent adventures as well.

And a lot of what kept me busy in August was to do with getting the word out about my new book, PURGE, which comes out tomorrow! I know, right? That's SOON. If you haven't heard a peep about it and want to see what it's about, you can check it out on Goodreads, or from any of these online vendors (or your local library/bookshop from tomorrow, heh heh.)

Book Depository

I got my very own finished copies a few days ago, and they are gooooooorgeous!

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Adventure-wise, I had my annual visit to the circus with my sister, niece, and nephew, which of course brought on all kinds of Blackfin Sky nostalgia. 

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It's so strange (in a good way) to think that 4 years ago, I was sitting in the stands and mulling over what to do with my then-work-in-progress which had the beginnings of a mystery, but no end. The circus gave me what I needed to finish Sky's story, and every year I get to go back to the place where it all came together. *Happy sigh* Not sure where I'd go to nostalge about Breaker, which is all about the killins'.

I also visited a Roman bath house dating back to around 120AD, which was pretty cool.

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Okay, so August was actually an excellent reading month. Here are the 8 books I read:

2 were post-YALC binges - Michael Grant's excellent nanotech thriller BZRK and Malorie Blackman's gripping and heartbreaking NOUGHTS AND CROSSES

Another 3 were audiobook bargains, and all pretty decent: IN BETWEEN by Jenny B. Jones (the first Christian YA I've ever read, weirdly enough, and very funny and cute), OFF TO BE THE WIZARD by Scott Meyer, which was also funny if you ignore the fact that it's an absolute bro-fest, and Michelle Muto's THE HAUNTING SEASON, which was like a creepier, sort-of-NA version of ASYLUM by Madeleine Roux.

Then, because it was UKYA month (celebrated only by me, I think...) I made sure to read plenty of UKYAs. So as well as NOUGHTS & CROSSES, I also read - and swooned over - VENDETTA by Catherine Doyle, the ghostly MINTY by Christina Banach, and FIRE COLOUR ONE by Jenny Valentine, which I still can't describe but absolutely loved. It's a short book, but the characters are amazing and if you've hummed and hawed over it like I did for a while, please pick it up - it's excellent, I promise. 

So that's it for my August wrap-up.... I'll be posting again tomorrow to celebrate Purge being a real book that's out in the world!

For now, 

Kat out x

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