Wednesday, 25 May 2016

It's here! BREAKER is on the loose...

That's right, I forgot to post this yesterday on my actual publication day, because I'm fly like that. But if you were waiting for BREAKER to hit the shops, consider them hit!

Running Press is giving away 8 copies this week on Goodreads (US only) - enter here.

I really hope you'll enjoy my new thriller about murders taking place in a gothic boarding school, and a doomed romance between the son of a serial killer and the daughter of his dad's last victim. If you read it, please consider leaving a review on Goodreads, Amazon, or wherever you like (especially if you liked it!) - early reviews help a lot with getting a book seen by more readers. They're also cool.

If you were wondering where you could buy a copy online, here are some handy links:

Amazon UK
Amazon US
Barnes & Noble
Book Depository

And now I return to my dark cave of secrets to work on the next creepy book...

Kat out x

Monday, 2 May 2016

April Wrap-Up!

Hello! April has skipped past like a schoolgirl with pigtails, and I have some fun stuff to tell you about.

On the writing front, BREAKER (which comes out 24th May - EEEEEEP!) has been getting some great reviews from the trade reviewers. So far Kirkus, School Library Journal, and Booklist have all said very cool things about my killery thrillery book. Check 'em out:
"Spine-chilling and splendidly gory, with a genre-perfect stormy night denouement."—Kirkus Reviews
"Packed full of suspense, red herrings, and creepy taxidermy, this is an intriguing murder mystery and a compelling look at the ties that bind."—Booklist
"Fans of YA thrillers will be hooked from the first page. . . . A standout thriller with a splash of romance."—School Library Journal

Also, one of my all-time favourite authors, CJ Skuse (Pretty Bad Things, Rockoholic, Dead Romantic, Monster) read BREAKER and tweeted this, which pretty much made my year:

As far as my new, secret, not-yet-book-shaped writing projects go, I finished revising the manuscript I started at Christmas, and sent it off to readers. Keeping my fingers crossed I haven't wandered off the writing path and forgotten how to string words together without realising. (Maybe? Does this blog post even make sense? Do they ever?) Now I'm trying to distract myself from waiting for the final reader's verdict, which means I've started writing something new. This one has been simmering in my brain space for over a year, so hopefully it has matured enough to spill out onto the page without too much angst (on my part, at least - my characters will undoubtedly suffer much, much angst.)

I also worked on a fun BREAKER-related project with author Dawn Kurtagich (The Dead House, The Creeper Man), which involved sending my younger brother and sister up onto a roof. More on that soon ;-)

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April was a pretty good reading month. I managed to finish 9 books, and these are they:

I might also have discovered some nifty image-faffing apps this month. Just maybe.

The MGs I read were the wonderfully witty HELL'S BELLES by Tatum Flynn (book 2 of THE D'EVIL DIARIES), and SCARLET & IVY: THE LOST TWIN, a delightful mystery by Sophie Cleverly.

I also read 2 Contemporary YAs, which were PIECES OF YOU AND ME by the always-amazing Erin Fletcher (whom I interviewed on her recent release), and KINDRED SPIRITS, a novella by Rainbow Rowell.

There was also YA Fantasy which I've been dying to read for ages, and that was REBEL OF THE SANDS by Alwyn Hamilton - I absolutely LOVED it!

Which brought me to my long-awaited Science Fiction binge: THE TAKING and THE REPLACED by Kimberly Derting; FAIR COIN by E C Myers (I got this audiobook because it was narrated by Macleod Andrews, who is probably my favourite audiobook narrator); and THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS (is it SF or horror? Not sure, but I've been meaning to read it for a while.)

I'm going to carry on with bingeing SF this coming month, as well as catching up on UKYA reads (I intended to focus on regional UKYA in April, but that didn't quite pan out...) BUT I was especially lucky to win a copy of Ruth Morgan's ALIEN RAIN in a Goodreads giveaway, so that's zooming right to the top of my TBR!

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Finally, I was thrilled to help reveal the cover for my author-buddy Ian Hiatt's debut YA novel, DEATH OF AN ASSASSIN, which comes out in June. Check out the post here

Coming up in May, I will be holding one last BREAKER giveaway in the run-up to publication (AHHH!) which will include an annotated ARC, heart-BREAKER socks, and a brass knuckles pendant and bookmark... More details to follow. 

I'll end by sharing a cool song I've been listening to a fair bit recently:

Kat out x