Sunday, 17 April 2016

March Wrap-Up!

Let's just pretend we're not already more than halfway through April, and I'm not posting this wrap-up horrendously late. Okay? Okay, cool.

March was a pretty sweet month, and I made a decent dent in my TBR. If you follow this blog (or my Instagram account) you'll know I generally try to combine books and exercise by listening to audiobooks when I go for long walks (it's the only way I can convince my lazy self to exercise). These are the books I read/listened to this month:

I continued my MG binge with THE PECULIAR by Stefan Bachmann (beautifully written) and Skulduggery Pleasant: PLAYING WITH FIRE (just as funny as the first in the series), caught up with Lockwood & Co. again in THE WHISPERING SKULL (I love Lockwood. A lot.), and then things got reeeeeally interesting.

The Mara Dyer Trilogy (UNBECOMING, EVOLUTION, RETRIBUTION) has been one I've wanted to binge-read for soooo long, and I decided that finishing the first round of my PURGE revisions warranted a little treat. And it was SUCH a treat - well worth waiting for. Now I can't wait until Michelle Hodkin's next book set in this world, which comes out next year (I think it's called THE SHAW CONFESSIONS, but that might be the series title.)

Then I got 2 ARCs to read from amazing author friends Dawn Kurtagich and Martin Stewart. Dawn's new book, AND THE TREES CREPT IN, is the most creepy, terrifying, gut-twisting book I've read in a long time. I thought her debut, THE DEAD HOUSE, was scary - this is twice as scary. Like, pants-shitteningly scary. If you like brilliant psychological horror and you haven't preordered it yet, then your life choices are suspect at best. I'll be running a contest soon on Instagram and Twitter where you'll be able to win my ARC of this book, so keep an eye out there if you want to get your hands on it early.

Martin Stewart's debut, RIVERKEEP, was also absolutely wonderful. The book itself has a great origin story - he wrote an 1800 word short story for MG author Simon P Clark's 1031 Story Challenge, and Penguin snapped up the book based on just that one short sample. So you have to believe his writing and story are captivating and attention-grabbing just from that, right? Absolutely bloody right. RIVERKEEP is about a boy who goes on a journey along a treacherous river to tackle an enormous sea monster and try to save his father. I highly, highly recommend reading this one ASAP, because everyone is going to be talking about it for a long time to come.

I also got to see some pretty cool places on my adventures. Here are a couple of my favourite pics from this month:

A photo posted by Kat Ellis (@katelliswrites) on

So, on to more bookish news!

BREAKER will be having its official launch in the UK in Prestatyn Library on 15th June, and I'm in the process of getting all the details sorted. If you want to come, it's free, but please drop a comment below or email me at so I can let the library know how many seats we'll need!

I also spent a good chunk of March working on edits for PURGE, which I just found out has an official release date of 8th September. It's available for preorder now, so if you want to show an author some love and order your copy early, please do! (Preordering is hugely helpful because it lets the publisher know there is demand for the book, and -- fingers crossed! -- makes them want to publish more books I write. See? It's a win-win.) Here's the link to buy PURGE on The Book Depository - a) because they offer free international delivery, and b) because they're offering 10% off right now, and who isn't in the market for a bargain?? But of course buy books from whoever/wherever you prefer to buy from :-)

There's no cover up yet for PURGE, but that'll be coming sooooon. And in the meantime, I'm working on the next round of edits. This is one of the songs I've been listening to on repeat as I work on it, because it's kind of perfect for PURGE:

I hope you had a great March, and if you want to share music/book recs, ask about any of my book stuff, or just say hi - then make free with the comments!

Kat out x

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