Friday, 4 March 2016

February Wrap-Up!

As anticipated, I spent all of February neck-deep in edits for my YA sci-fi novel, PURGE. It has a tentative publication date of early September, and I believe I will get to see a draft cover for it soon - HOORAY! And while I'm hooraying, BREAKER got a fantastic review from Kirkus - check it out here.

As I write this, I'm almost done with this round of edits (PHEW!) and starting to think about what to work on next. But while I'm still thinking, here's a wrap-up of what I got up to in February (besides editing in my rabbit poncho.)

My planned reading was supposed to include MG novels and some YA sci-fi, but I didn't manage to fit in as much as I'd hoped. Here's what I read:

I enjoyed them all, and WINDRUNNER'S DAUGHTER was such a fantastic read I gave a quote for Bryony Pearce to use. I was also sent an ARC of Martin Stewart's RIVERKEEP, which doesn't come out until April, and cannot wait to sit down and devour it after my edits are done. I couldn't resist sneaking a look at the first few pages, and I just know I'm going to love it. (Being an author is pretty awesome sometimes. Okay, most of the time.) You should check out any and all of these books if you haven't already.

The weather was actually pretty phenomenal for February, so I did a lot of walking - even managing to briefly acquire an unfortunate sunglasses tan. It gave me the chance to catch up on audiobooks, though (3/5 of the above were audiobooks), and get some nice scenic pics for my Instagram account.

Speaking of which... I took part in an Instagram challenge created by author Dahlia Adler called #AuthorLifeMonth, showcasing fun author-related stuff each day in February. I usually just post random scenic photos from my adventures or (more often) pictures of my cats and bookshelves, so it made a nice change to have themed photos for each day. Here are some of my pics:

A photo posted by Kat Ellis (@katelliswrites) on

All my social media links are at the top-right of my blog/website, so if you want to follow me on Instagram or anywhere else where I loiter, I'm really not going to object.

Finally, I've been listening to a lot of music while I edit (I can't do that so much when I'm writing a first draft, but I like the background noise for editing). This is my fave tune from this month:

Hope you've had a great month! My next post will be after I've turned in my edits next week - YAY!

Kat out x

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