Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Edinburgh Adventure

Last week, I hit the road with my husband to go up to Scotland for the first time ever. I was lucky enough to be invited to do an event with the lovely & awesome Cat Clarke titled 'The Disappeared' on 18th August as part of Edinburgh Book Festival, and I had so much fun! I've done a write-up of the event, and that should appear over on Firefly Press's site in the next few days, so keep an eye out if you missed it and wish you hadn't.

Me & Cat Clarke discussing 'The Disappeared' at Edinburgh Book Festival

2 days in Edinburgh wasn't nearly enough, though, and I was a little gutted as we left the beautiful city that we hadn't had more time to explore - not only the sprawl of the festival, but Edinburgh itself. That said, I got to meet Cat for drinks; met my wonderful agency-mate Cecilia Vinesse (check out her amazing book deal news here!) and her delightful partner, Rachel Holmes; explored the castle; wandered through the Fringe; and watched my husband's face as he tried haggis for breakfast. (I admit, I couldn't face it. I have an issue eating anything that's been used as a filter.)

By the way, there's still time to vote for me/BLACKFIN SKY in the Edinburgh First Book Award. I would LOVE it if you did!

Next we headed down to the Lake District for a couple of days as a midway stop on our journey home. Windermere was lovely, even though it rained pretty much the entire time we were there. But we went out on the lake, took the car ferry to Hawkshead and mooched around various Beatrix Potter exhibits, and ate some rather splendid food. (No haggis.)

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A confession, though: this was my first 'holiday' since becoming a published author, and it was kinda hard being away from my laptop. Sad, right? I also missed this evil little face.

Kat out x

Monday, 10 August 2015

Behind the scenes of THE DEAD HOUSE book trailers

THE DEAD HOUSE - the amazing horror debut by my pal Dawn Kurtagich - is out now in the UK (coming next month for all you US peeps). A couple of months ago, Dawn, Amy (my little sis) and I went out on location to film footage for the teaser trailers being released around the book's release.

The first teaser trailer can be viewed here, and the second is over on Entertainment Weekly's site here. I may be biased, but I think Dawn and Amy have done an amazing job bringing the book to life on screen with these snippets - but fair warning, they are creepy as heck!

If you want even MORE of a sneak peek into the world of THE DEAD HOUSE, check out some shots I got of the filming...

Some of the props: The diary, the novel Carly is reading in Trailer 1, and the make-up
(the hula hoop was also very entertaining in between takes.)

Dawn and Amy filming a scene where Carly writes in her diary
Carly at sunset, when Kaitlyn will soon rise to the surface...

The transformation process begins: Carly becomes Kaitlyn with the aid of some very dark eyeshadow...

Moooooore eyeshadow....

Amy Lloyd as Kaitlyn writing a diary entry (not really in character for this pic...)
Kaitlyn and the girl in the mirror - EEP!

Out on location to film one of the night time chapel scenes

Amy, Dawn and me celebrating the end of filming!

Hope you've enjoyed this look behind the scenes! Find out more about THE DEAD HOUSE here.

Kat out x