Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Edinburgh Book Festival

Exciting things are afoot! Or will be in August...

On 18th August, I will be doing an event titled 'The Disappeared' with author Cat Clarke at Edinburgh International Book Festival, where we will be talking about making children disappear (just in our books...probably). Tickets and info are available here.

ALSO, my book - BLACKFIN SKY - is up for the First Book Award! Exciting, no? And if you like my book (or like me - I mean, I'm very happy with either) you can vote for me here.

In other news, I have gone straight from editing one book to editing another, and am feeling rather productive. Stealing a bit of time to sit out in the sunshine while I work hasn't hurt, either. My skin has even turned a subtle shade of off-grey, which is thrilling.

Hope you are as excited for summer as I am!

Kat out x

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  1. So lovely post regarding Edinburgh Book Festival!! I heard a lot about this fest that was organized at public convention center but dear I couldn’t attend it due to some personal issues. It would be great if you could share any reviews about this show!!


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