Saturday, 16 May 2015

Smoke signals from Kat's editing cave

These words are being relayed to you from deep within my editing cave, where I am taking a teensy break from editing my next book to share a few bits of good news...

1. BLACKFIN SKY is now officially one year old! It was released in the UK on 14th May last year, and this anniversary of my author-ness feels like a milestone. Not only that, but Firefly Press (UK publisher for BLACKFIN SKY and my 3rd novel, PURGE, which will be out next year) are celebrating a year in publishing this month, and I'm so impressed with the catalogue of amazing books they've produced in such a short space of time. They have 2 more YA novels out this month -- THE TERRITORY by Sarah Govett, which I'm reading (and very much enjoying!) right now, and LOST ON MARS by Paul Magrs, which looks amazing, and is lined up next on my to-read shelf. Firefly also send out a monthly newsletter full of fun stuff, and you can sign up to receive that here if you're into bookish news and author appearances and contests and stuff.

Here's to another year, and many more, of Firefly Press success! *clinks champagne glass* Cheers.

2. You will have seen/heard me shouting my love for the forthcoming THE DEAD HOUSE by Dawn Kurtagich, and this week she released the first teaser-trailer for the book, which comes out in August in the UK. Here it is:

There will be a few more trailers released over the coming months leading up to publication, and I'm excited about this not just because of how brilliant the book is (and it is), but because my sister - Amy Lloyd - is the model in the trailers. Cool, yes? Yes.

3. Finally, I will definitely be going to YALC (Young Adult Lit Con) in London in July. If you're going and want me to sign your copy of BLACKFIN SKY, just tweet me or otherwise indicate your desire for my scrawl, and I'll be happy to oblige. I think Firefly Press will be there selling their YA titles, so chances are you can grab a copy there.

So that's what has been happening outside my cave, but now I must get back to work. I'll update with more news as I have it!

Kat out x

*Rolls boulder back into place over cave entrance*