Monday, 13 April 2015

In which I have NEW BOOK NEWS!

Yes, you read that right - a new book! I am delighted to be working with Firefly Press on another book, this time a YA sci fi called PURGE, due for publication Autumn 2016.

This means I'll have 2 books out next year (PURGE, and BREAKER, which will be out in the Spring), and I'm hugely excited to see this story heading out into the world. It's really special to me, and I happen to think it's funny and weird and geeky and romancey and all good things, so I hope readers will like it too! Here's an extract from the press release issued today by Firefly Press:

Penny Thomas, Publisher at Wales-based children’s and YA publisher Firefly Press has acquired World English rights to PURGE, the second young adult thriller for Firefly by author Kat Ellis, from Molly Ker Hawn at the Bent Agency.

Following Kat’s acclaimed debut fantasy thriller BLACKFIN SKY, the new novel is a powerful and romantic excursion into futuristic fantasy. PURGE will be published in autumn 2016, following publication of Kat’s second YA novel BREAKER in the US next spring by Running Press Teen.  
Told in parallel narratives, PURGE features 17-year-old Mason, who has secrets hes desperately trying to keep, like his penchant for the drug known as Pi, and the implant that allows him to hide his deafness. When he's kicked out of yet another community, Mason has no option but to seek shelter with people who believe purging is good for the soul — only in Mason's case, ‘purging’ means having his personality altered through a terrifying virtual reality programme. 
Penny Thomas, Firefly Press Publisher, says: This is a great title for Firefly. Kat is an emerging YA writer of real skill, and a talent for creating scary and compelling new fictional worlds and characters. BLACKFIN SKY was a Junior Library Guild selection in the US and a fantastic read, and I’m certain PURGE will be a big hit with fans and readers new to Kat’s work.’

Here's a link to the announcement on The Bookseller.

What do you think?? If you'd like to add it to your Goodreads TBR, you can do so here.

Kat out x

*skips off into the sunset*


  1. AHHHH!!! I knew PURGE would be on my bookshelf someday, I KNEW IT!!!! I can't wait.

    *checks for preorderability*

    *checks again*


    1. Thank yoooou! Am VERY EXCITED about it (and possibly scaring my cat right now). :D


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