Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Halloween Giveaway - Win one of 3 signed copies of Blackfin Sky!

Meet this sinister fellow in Blackfin Sky

The Ween is almost upon us! You'll be needing a new spooky read to add to your TBR pile, right? With a creepy circus, a haunted weathervane, and a girl who mysteriously returns from the dead, why not enter to win my spooky debut...?

When Sky falls from Blackfin Pier and drowns on her sixteenth birthday, the whole town goes into mourning – until she shows up three months later like nothing happened.

Unravelling the mystery of those missing months takes Sky to the burned-out circus in the woods, where whispers of murder and kidnapping begin to reveal the town’s secrets. But Sky’s not the only one digging up the past – the old mime from the circus knows what happened to her, and he has more than one reason for keeping quiet about it. 

I have 3 SIGNED copies to give away, and it's international. Enter using the rafflecopter below.

Please note: Winners in UK/Commonwealth will automatically win the UK edition, and USA/Canada/anywhere else in the world will get the US edition - unless you specify otherwise. Just let me know ASAP after the winners are announced.

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