Sunday, 17 August 2014

Ace Review and ARC Giveaway!

Hello peeps. Sorry for the relative silence of late, but I've been holed up in my writing cave hammering out edits on one manuscript and latterly drafting a new one (not a complete one - I'm not a machine.)

I just wanted to share with you this wicked (in the best way!) review of the US edition of Blackfin Sky. If you watch it and live in the US, you'll get a chance to enter a giveaway for one of the last ARC copies of the book, and could even read it before its official release on September 2nd!

Here's the link to Lainey's amazing video: 

The giveaway ends on August 18th, so don't miss out! And even though I'm completely biased, you can trust me when I say you should definitely subscribe to Lainey's channel for more bookish goodness. Oh, and follow her on twitter @readalongLainey too!

I'll be back on form with the blogging soon. In the meantime, I'm lurking on twitter most days if you want to say hi, or you can check out my new-ish facebook page to see some recent photos from events.

For now...

Kat out x