Saturday, 12 April 2014

What Happened in Cardiff

Thursday night was my gig alongside Lucy Christopher and Quiet Marauder at Cardiff Children's Literature Festival, which took the form of readings, Q&A with Tom Anderson, and music at Waterstones in the centre of Cardiff. Here are some snaps!

Lucy Christopher reading from The Killing Woods (LOVE)
Me talking about Blackfin Sky (photo courtesy of @wstonecardiff)

Taking questions, chatting and what have you...

Lucy and me signing each other's books!

Simon from Quiet Marauder talks about the inspiration behind the companion songs written for The Killing Woods, and the 111-track album they have coming out soon!
It was a fantastic event, and my first time actually signing Blackfin Sky. Now there are a few inked copies out there in the world...EEP!


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