Wednesday, 23 April 2014

ARCs! Interviews! Stuff!

Ok, so just a couple or 3 things to spill...

#1: I'm over on the lovely E M Castellan's blog today answering questions about Blackfin Sky and other cool stuff for her A Writer in the Spotlight series. You should go and read that. Then come back and read the other 2 awesome things I have to tell you.

Go on then. *shoos you away*

#2: I got an exciting package in the post today, all the way from my editor at Running Press Teens in the US.


(That's Advance Reader Copies, if you're wondering.)

This is a Big. Frickin. Deal.

Not least because I'm going to be doing one or two ARC giveaways in the very near future. I'm thinking the first might just happen THIS WEEKEND. I'll make it nice and easy - all you'll need to do to be entered is tweet with the hashtag #BlackfinSky, letting your tweeps know why you want a copy, and I'll pick one person at random to get an ARC. Follow me on twitter @el_kat so you don't miss the times to tweet!

#3: On this side of the pond, there are only 3 WEEKS til Blackfin Sky is released! An awesome trailer is being finalised as we speak, and I'll be sharing that with you all VERY soon. Seriously, you'll want to see it because it is amazing.

*Cue angelsong*

But for now....

Kat out x

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