Sunday, 2 March 2014

XX Women's Writing Festival and where you can win Blackfin Sky

This week, I will be heading down to Cardiff for my first ever public appearance at the XX Women's Writing Festival. I'll be taking part in a YA panel on Saturday 8th March with authors Lucy Christopher and Catherine Fisher, and I cannot wait to meet them (and fangirl just a bit!) and see what questions the audience will throw our way!

Here are the details of the festival, and here's where you can get tickets to come along to the panel. Let me know if I'll be meeting you there!

As mentioned in the title of this post, you can now also WIN copies of Blackfin Sky. There's a US-only giveaway which still has 3 days left to enter to win a signed copy of the US version over at Icey Books (to be dispatched when available) and a MEGA giveaway on Goodreads where Firefly Press are offering up 10 signed copies of the UK version (available to people in the UK and Commonwealth countries). There's still plenty of time left to enter, but why wait?

What else has been happening?


Have you heard of Project UK YA? In case you haven't, it's a project to promote and get everyone talking about YA books by UK authors, and it's a pretty amazing project led by book blogger Lucy Powrie. She has just revealed details of the UK YA April Extravaganza, including a UK YA Day on 19th April, and it looks so epic I just HAD to sign up to be involved. Go here to the UK YA site to check it out, and please do follow the twitter hashtags #AprilExtravaganza and #UKYADay.

Coming up next

I now have an appearance planned alongside Lucy Christopher at the Cardiff Children's Literature Festival on 10th April, where we'll be talking about our books and writing and all good things generally. Find out more here.

Remember those ace Blackfin Sky heat-reveal mugs I mentioned a few weeks ago? Well, Firefly Press are going to be giving a couple away soon on their website, and I'll be giving one away as part of the UK YA April Extravaganza. They are AWESOME and you DEFINITELY WANT ONE, so watch this space for more deets.

For now...

Kat out x


  1. I need that mug in my life. Like a bad habit.

  2. *sighs* I was hoping for an international giveaway, since I'm in Italy...

    1. Don't worry - there will be international giveaways coming up very soon, and I'll be sure to post all the details here and on twitter :D


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