Friday, 21 March 2014

My very first panel experience

I've wanted to write this post ever since I arrived home from Cardiff a couple of weeks ago, because it's one of those things a new author will probably worry about the most (at least, I did), but it can also be one of the most fun.

I was lucky enough to be invited to talk on a YA panel at the XX Women's Writing Festival in Cardiff, and doubly lucky that Lucy Christopher (Stolen, Flyaway, The Killing Woods) and Catherine Fisher (Incarceron, The Oracle, Obsidian Mirror and many more...) were on the panel with me.

L-R: Catherine Fisher, me, Lucy Christopher, and Penny Thomas
Photo courtesy of Firefly Press

First, we each answered questions from the moderator, Penny Thomas (my publisher at Firefly Press), and then we each did a reading of our novels for a few minutes (yes, I practised this until I could almost recite it without the text in front of me. It paid off!)

Lucy read from the beginning of The Killing Woods, and Catherine from about two-thirds of the way into Obsidian Mirror, and I read the beginning of Blackfin Sky. I thought that was probably a good idea since it's not out yet, and nobody would have read it!

Next, Penny opened the session up to questions from the audience, and the time just seemed to fly by!

So, what was it like?

Once I was there, talking about my book and listening to the readings and thoughts of Lucy and Catherine, it passed by very quickly, but was really interesting. I got to meet two authors who I am totally in awe of, and naturally fangirled a little bit, but it was so nice to meet them and get to do an event like this with them. And the audience responded really well, and had great questions, so that made it even better.

Next up, I have another event in Cardiff on 10th April - this time an evening event as part of Cardiff Children's Literature Festival, and again I'll be alongside Lucy Christopher. If you're in the area and want to come along, there's more information and ticket linky things here.

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