Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Latest news, interviews and a mug

So, today I am over on Marci Curtis's blog, talking about mah book and travelling circuses and things my boss definitely shouldn't read... You can read that here, and make sure you follow Marci because she's full of awesome and will be interviewing a ton more authors over the coming months! There's also a Blackfin Sky swag giveaway, and I'll be choosing a random commenter to send it to in 2 days - get your comments in there, folks.

Also today a beautiful piece of Blackfin goodness arrived in the mail...

Oh...a black mug?
Wait - it's in stealth mode!!
"All will be revealed ~ May 2014" Yes. Yes it will.
That's right - it's a heat-reveal Blackfin Sky mug! And I have 2 of these bad boys that I'll be giving away over the coming months... more details will follow. Oh yes.

AAAAAAND, in case you didn't see this over at Twitterville, I wrote a guest post for my agency bro and author of the 2014 MG debut EREN, Simon Clark. Checkity here

Kat out x


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