Friday, 11 October 2013

The kind of creepy, weird-ass things I do

I like to mark occasions. Not in a gross "I still have the baby tooth I stole from my first boyfriend in play group" kind of way, or a romantic "see my shoebox full of dead leaves from the first walk I took with my husband" kind of way (which is also, incidentally, creepy).

Mostly I take pictures of the momentous things, like the rest of you normal folks. Birthdays. That time I signed my first ever book contract. The smashed-up state of the last car I crashed (there have been 2, and neither was my fault. Honestly.)

But this has started filtering into a slightly hoard-y thing whereby I immortalise the event in mug form. So far I have mugs to mark the reading of 2 of my friends' books (one published, one not published yet) who happened to have this excellent merch available to buy. And just recently I went and bought myself this:


Because chances are, a couple of years from now The Zombie Project will have ended and I'll be working on un-zombie-related things, and I'll go to make myself my 12th coffee of the day and will grab this mug and think, "Oh yeah! That was a really fun project..." and I'll go back and read through all the awesome stories in the series again. (You can do that here, by the way. I know, I'm very good to you with the links.)

So my coffee addiction will live on, and so will all the fun stuff I commemorate with a mug.


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