Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Something Good from Sean McConnell

A few months ago, I placed a bid (or 2, or 3...) on an original piece of art by Sean McConnell in the Funds for Feaky auction, which was organised by the wonderful Jessa Russo to raise money to help resident twitter badass Tamara Mataya (a.k.a. Feaky Snucker) after her town was hit by terrible floods.

I absolutely loved Sean's sample drawings, and couldn't miss the opportunity to have Sean draw my book's main character, Skylar, while helping out a pal through the auction.

SO. I bid like a ninja mofo, and managed to secure the drawing. *Steeples fingers evilly* This pleased me greatly.

Sean very kindly agreed to send his drawing over to the UK, and I was so thrilled when it arrived in the mail today. Check out the beautiful drawing of Sky!



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