Thursday, 29 August 2013


This post is just a quickie update on what I'll be doing, writer-wise, in the coming weeks and it a to-do list blog, if you will.

1. Finishing the first draft of my current WIP
I've taken a week off work to get this done, because the truth is I'm not good at switching back and forth between projects, and I have a couple of biggies coming up...see #2. I can edit it properly at a later date, but drafting - for me - needs to be done in one hit.

2. Editing BLACKFIN SKY...twice
By which I mean two different versions - the UK version and the US version. I am excited and a little terrified.

3. Preparing some interesting book-journey posts for WE ARE ONE  FOUR
In case you missed the announcement, WAOF is a brand new site run by 6 kidlit authors who are debuting in 2014. You should check it out, because we'll all be posting about our experiences on the road to publication, and it should be FUN. I'm working on my intro post right now, and might just reveal what horrible thing happened to me on my way to my first ever publishing meeting.

4. Getting my zombie on for THE ZOMBIE PROJECT
This is going great guns over at Chynna-Blue Scott's blog, with a short story published there every Sunday. Each story takes an element from the previous one and runs with it - the whole thing is rippling outwards like...well, like some kind of zombie outbreak. I'm really enjoying the stories so far, and can't wait to add my own to the pot. That's happening 6th October, by the way. BE READY.

If you want in on The Zombie Project, let me know and I'll put you in touch with Chynna-Blue so she can schedule you in.

5. Betaing for my CPs
I know of a couple of projects heading my way in the next month or so, and I can't wait to read them. But I also have to get my MS in a fit state to swap, so what it all boils down to is I'MA BE GETTING SHIZ DONE LIKE A BOSS.

So, that's what is keeping me busy over the next few months. What's on your to-do list?


  1. 1. Write a to-do list.
    2. Start stuff.
    3. Finish stuff.
    4. World domination.
    5. Do laundry.

  2. Sounds so exciting! I need to get my drafts done in one go, too, which is why I was totally thrown off when I couldn't work on my draft for a few days during intensive edits last week! Best of luck with everything! :)

    1. Thanks, Emma - hope your editing went well! Good luck finishing your draft, too :)

  3. Hope the editing goes well. I'll check out the link, thank you.


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