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Interview with Jaimie M. Engle - author of CLIFTON CHASE AND THE ARROW OF LIGHT

How could Clifton Chase have known that the mysterious arrow he found in his closet in Melbourne, Florida was a magical portal to a different time and place? Thrust into an adventure, Clifton must evade the King’s army, rescue two princes from a heavily guarded tower, escape the fierce fires of a Crestback Dragon, outsmart the Mer King, and get the girl, all the while protecting the Arrow of Light. But, his journey isn’t over yet. Clifton needs to discover the arrow’s purpose for choosing him. And when he does, he must decide if he is willing to risk his life for the lives of others.

Doesn't this sound FABULOUS? I'm so thrilled to be able to showcase Jaimie M. Engle's debut novel - CLIFTON CHASE AND THE ARROW OF LIGHT, which is due for release on 1st September from Wayman Publishing. I asked Jaimie a few questions about Clifton and her writing...

Kat: Your novel, CLIFTON CHASE AND THE ARROW OF LIGHT, is set in the time of Kind Richard III. Tell me a little bit about why you chose to set it in that period - what inspired you? What kind of research did you have to do?

Jaimie: I got the idea when I was messing around on the internet. I came across a painting by Philip James de Loutherbourg depicting the Battle of Bosworth, which is the final battle of the War of the Roses. When I saw the painting, my breath stopped. It was the boy who I had created in my mind, Clifton Chase, except instead of holding a glowing arrow, he held a sword. I knew right then I had found my story. I began my research where I learned that two princes, the nephews of King Richard III, had disappeared in history after they were locked in the Tower of London. Their bodies were never recovered, presumably murdered by their uncle for the throne. What if, I wondered, a boy from our time went back into the past to rescue them? I added some dragons, a few mermaids, a dwarf and his wife, and CLIFTON CHASE AND THE ARROW OF LIGHT was born.

Kat: It sounds like Clifton goes on quite the adventure! What kind of boy is he? And is this going to be his only adventure, or do you have more up your sleeve?

Jaimie: Clifton is a typical middle grader, in the sense that he can be a little curious, a little crazy, and a little cocky all at the same time. He is an excellent marksman and practices often at Wickham Park in my hometown of Melbourne, Florida in the US. Actually, if you want to get to know him better, you can like him on FB at facebook/CliftonChaseAdventure, where he basically blogs about his thoughts and his life. As far as other adventures, I do have some characters from the book I’d like to get to know better. In case you don’t know, King Richard III’s bones were discovered beneath a parking garage in England this past February. Well, in July, they discovered another grave beside his, dating back hundreds of years before the king was even born. They’ll be revealing whose body lies inside some time this winter. I think I may wait and see who they find and incorporate that figure into book two. Either that or something set in the old west in my hometown, a whole cowboy and Indian thing. We’ll see…

Kat: I can't wait to see what you come up with! I know your novel is to be released by Wayman Publishing on 1st September. I love hearing about how books and authors find their publishing home - how did this happen for you?

Jaimie: I spent a good year submitting my manuscript to agencies. I received many partial reads and four full read requests, which is amazing in itself. The four agents who requested full reads gave me amazing critiques, which I incorporated into the story. About that time, I came across Wayman Publishing through (an amazing site for authors to connect with publishers) and submitted the first chapter. It was met with a ravishing review and request for 50 pages, followed by a full read, and amazingly a contract!! Since I was on my own, I studied the contract for about a week and submitted my counter offer. Eventually we settled on the terms and I couldn’t be happier! I have had almost full control over many aspects of this project, including the cover design and artist (Debbie Johnson,, the chapter illustrations, and the trailer production.

Kat: Where can we find out more about CLIFTON CHASE AND THE ARROW OF LIGHT and your future projects?

Jaimie: Everything else is on my website including a behind the scenes look while filming the book trailer and free downloadable coloring pages, crossword puzzles, and word searches for the kiddos. The editor is offering 2 free books in a drawing through September 1st (click here to enter), so be sure and enter to win! Future projects are in the works, but can be glimpsed on pinterest


Jaimie Engle has run a body shop, managed a hip-hop band, modeled bikinis, and danced at the Aloha Bowl halftime show. This wife and mother of two currently teaches creative and essay writing to both Homeschool and college students, and offers a manuscript critique service for aspiring authors. She has published many short stories online and in print, including anthologies with Nightfall Magazine, Skive, eFiction Noir, and a children's piece appearing in Clubhouse Jr. in 2014. She was awarded second place in the 2012 Space Coast Writer's Guild's short story competition and second place in the 2009 Writer’s Journal Magazine contest in the poetry division. Her debut middle grade novel, CLIFTON CHASE AND THE ARROW OF LIGHT published through Wayman Publishing, is available on September 1st through Amazon kindle and Barnes & Noble nook. Drop in on her at to read some more of her short tales, and follow her Amazon author page.

For more news about CLIFTON CHASE AND THE ARROW OF LIGHT, and to keep up to date with Jaimie and her writing projects...

Jaimie Engle is on twitter: @jaimiengle and facebook: @ jaimiengle

Her main character, Clifton Chase is also on  twitter: @CliftonChase13 and facebook: @CliftonChaseAdventure


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    1. Thanks Jaimie! And I can't wait to meet Clifton :)

  2. Great interview! I am looking forward to the book launch. Good luck, Jaimie! Thanks Kat for sharing this...


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