Friday, 14 June 2013

Flash Friday: MEGANOVA


This piece of flash fiction is one of mine. I hope you like it - comments are welcome!

With the pulsing energy of a star being born, every circuit in her brain turned to liquid. She convulsed once, twice, before the universe shrank in on itself, leaving her back in her body.

“This is some good stuff.” The words left her mouth like bubble gum and stuck to her face. No wonder he was staring.

“You’re not meant to do two at once.” He snatched the tabs back from her, tore the strip in half and stuck a measly few back in her hand. “Take it easy, love.”

He was gone before she could unstick her lips enough to answer. Still, she felt the high wearing off already. Circuits coagulating, congealing like a nosebleed.

“Hey…” But his name was gone, and so was he. She couldn’t exactly shout Dealer in the vibrating hallway of the club, either. Then she felt them, stiff in her palm. She smiled, tore one off, and tongued it as she barged back through the sound-deadening doors.

Time stopped for a moment: lights, sound, heartbeat. Then it exploded like celestial cymbals had crushed the entire room, and flexed back into its dirty rhythm. Eyes flashed blue then green overhead, red tendons slicing across the floor, pinching her toes and pulling her forward. She danced into chaos, her limbs liquid mercury.

No, liquid lightning.

Sparks flew where others brushed against her, drawing out her starlight. Already, she felt it wearing off. It had only been seconds, hadn't it?  

Her watch face stared back at her, arms spinning. She opened her mouth to ask for the time, watched word-strings spew out onto the floor, crawling over the people around her, wrapping around columns and lasers and light.

Sliding a tab under her tongue, she waited while the tendrils recoiled, disappearing back into her mouth.

“Look, I just watched you take another. That’s got to be your fourth by now…”

His words flocked around her, wings flapping. She batted them away with laser beam fingers, and became airborn.

I am light as a feather 

Lighter than

I am

Dirty beat became dirty light, ice-hot and burning cold and then just...gone.


The man gaped. Nobody else around them had seen, the flash too bright, too strong to be anything but unreal. They hadn’t felt it when she flared outward for an instant before the meganova turned in on itself. Imploding.  

He stepped back, away from the two black puddles on the floor, marking the spot where her feet had been. But they seemed drawn toward him, writhing sinuously across the hard tile. 

That makes four this week, he thought. He shook his head to clear it, turned for the door.

They never listen. 


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