Sunday, 14 April 2013

The New Schedule

I've been a little quiet lately, sitting in my writing room, swirling ruby port around a glass and gazing into the roaring blaze in my fireplace... OK, so I haven't, but I've been quietly considering a new direction for this blog. Or, more specifically, a new schedule. And because I want to give a sneaky preview of what you can expect if you're following my blog, here's the new posting schedule I'll be following each month...

Week 1: I, READER
Highlighting a book I've read in the previous month which has been inspiring and brilliant, and why. **UPDATE: I will also give away a copy of the book to one random commenter each month. YAY!**

An end-of-the-week post where I offer up a piece of flash fiction, written by me or a special guest.

Each of these posts will offer up a playlist for writing specific kinds of scenes - action, kissing, heartbreak, chase scenes...all the music.

Week 4: WRITE ON
This will be a spot dedicated to posts on important things like writing news, writing practice, editing, querying, and occasionally pitch or query critiques, if I get any willing victims...uh, I mean volunteers.

So that's the schedule for each month, beginning in May. I may post things in between as they crop up.

What do you guys think?