Sunday, 20 May 2012

Did someone say I'm going to be published?

Er, yeah. They did.

(Insert dancing, high-kicking chorus line here with streamers, party poppers - the works!)

In my recent post 'Little Victories' I announced that I'd received an honourable mention for my short story UNDERGROUND in this year's Chapter One Promotions international short story contest. What I didn't realise until I got home on Friday and found a letter sitting on my mat is that this means MY STORY IS GOING TO BE PUBLISHED!!!

The anthology is called PRIMED and will be released in late 2013. Click here to see a list of the contest winners/runners up whose stories will be in the anthology with mine :D

I'm so excited to see something I've written get chosen for publication out of so many entries, and just completely stoked to feel like I'm finally getting somewhere with my writing.

Next on my to-do list, of course, is getting that super awesome agent to take me on! *Eyes super awesome agent.* Yeah, you know I'm talking 'bout you.

In the meantime, another short story contest I'm hoping to enter has a deadline fast approaching, so if I'm a little quiet on twitter and here until the end of the month it's because I'm hard at work on that... Bah, who am I kidding? I'll be just as twitter-happy as ever!

Kat out yo x

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Misty Provencher's CORNERSTONE hops onto my blog...

Happy Paranormal Day!

I'd like to welcome the awesome MISTY PROVENCHER to my humble blog as a stop on her tour of the blogiverse to celebrate all things CORNERSTONE.

So, first of all, a little fangirling... Misty is as awesome twitter pal, a freakin' amazing writer, and wholly responsible for a number of crazy twitter adventures since I stumbled blinking like a fawn onto twitter last year. Then there's Cornerstone, and Garrett... *dreamy sigh*

So, let's get this show on the road! My tip-o'-the-hat is taking the form of a review of Misty's awesome novel.

The blurb:

Seventeen-year-old Nalena Maxwell, known as The Waste at her school, has received a sign to join an ancient community. She'd know that, if it wasn't the wrong dang sign. But Garrett Reese, the school's most popular athlete and a boy with eyes as clean as Jesus, knows exactly what Nalena is and he knows all about the family skeletons that are about to come crashing into her life...

My review:

I'd heard a lot of good things about Cornerstone before I began reading, and Misty had been putting up a chapter a week on her blog before e-pubbing on Smashwords, so I had an idea that it was going to be good. I did NOT realise just how good!

Nalena is such a great main character, I fell in love with her from chapter 1. I also have to say that the first chapter is probably the best first chapter I've read in any book in recent years - you get so drawn into Nali's paper-filled world with her unusual mother and her horrible treatment at school. I think chapter 1 could easily stand as a short story in its own right, it's THAT engrossing.

Then there's Garrett... oh hell, he's just awesomeness incarnate - without being overly sentimental or afraid of what people think of him or any of the other cheesy things that are an automatic turn-off for me with some male love interests in YA novels. But even the peripheral characters - the good, the bad and the snotty-nosed - are well-developed and just continued to suck me into the story.

It's fast-paced, with action and mystery and romance and all the other good stuff you want in a good YA read, and before I knew it I'd stormed right through Cornerstone and am now left with a slightly unhinged compulsion to nag Misty Provencher until she gives me book 2... okay, maybe I'll try to rein that in a bit!

Definitely the best YA debut I've read in a long, long time, and I can't say how happy I am to have Garrett as daydream-fodder for the next few months until Cornerstone 2!

Not bought Cornerstone yet? WHAT IS THIS CRAZINESS?? Here, I'll cover for you while you go get your copy...

Available in paperback and ebook at: