Wednesday, 1 June 2016

May Wrap-Up!

May was kind of epic. BREAKER, my second novel (and first one in 2 years!) came out this month, and went into a second printing within a week! Not only that, but it also has a fantastic new book trailer - check it out!

I also went on a writing retreat to Scotland along with 10 other authors, who were all amazing and such fun to spend a week with. As well as lots of writing (of course!) we did a bit of sightseeing around Inverness, and saw Cawdor Castle -- as featured in Macbeth:

Top left: Cawdor Castle; Top right: the castle dining room; Bottom left: Authors Dawn Kurtagich, Ronni Davis Selzer & Simon Clark in the castle grounds; Bottom right: the castle lounge

It was great fun hanging out with everyone there - shout-out to (in descending staircase order) Emma Jackson, Fox Benwell, Marieke Nijkamp, Dawn Kurtagich, Simon Clark, Jenn Faughnan, me!, Cecilia Vinesse, David Purse, Tatum Flynn & Ronni Davis Selzer!

Photo courtesy of Ronni Davis Selzer

Dawn Kurtagich masterminded the whole thing, and look where we stayed - this place is just begging to be a setting for a spooky novel, right?

Reading-wise, I didn't finish as many books this month as I have in previous months, but the ones I read were truly, truly stellar.

Continuing my sci-fi binge, I read CHASING THE STARS by Malorie Blackman, which is a reimagining of Othello in space (and absolutely gripping!) and THESE BROKEN STARS by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner, which I'd been meaning to read for absolutely ages because I heard so many people raving over it. It was also A++.

Stepping into contemp thriller territory as part of my continuing commitment to read more UKYA, I read -- or actually inhaled -- Sarah Pinborough's 13 MINUTES. It's actually kind of scary how recognisable the characters were to me from my own high school days (scary because they're all a wee bit terrifying, if not downright sociopathic).

I saved my fave for last, though, because I got to read an advance copy of SEVEN DAYS OF YOU by Cecilia Vinesse (thank you, Cece!!) while I was away in Scotland. This is the story of Sophia in the week before she is due to move to the US from her home in Japan, and Jamie - the boy who shredded her feelings before he left two years ago -- shows up a week too soon for Sophia to avoid seeing him. Intense and romantic, this is one to fight for at the bookshop when it comes out in March. I still catch myself sighing "Oh, Jamie..." at random intervals.

I'm halfway through 3 other novels right now, so next month's reading rundown should be quite a long one -- especially with the great weather we're having at the moment, which basically requires me to read in the garden.

Hope your May was a blast!

Kat out x

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