Sunday, 21 December 2014

A Festive Round Up

Me, age 3
Last time I was ever mistaken for an angel.

Hello, and happy holidays! This isn't my 'What happened in 2014' post, although I might do one in the next couple of weeks, but I have been whirling around in a wordnado for a while now, so decided to lay it all out here (this urge is no doubt a throwback to my youth when I felt I needed to explain why I hadn't done all my homework or finished my chores. I still don't do either of those things.)

Ok, so Nano - what the heck happened there?? Well, I got to about 40k by mid-November, and was feeling awfully pleased with myself, so I kind of ran out of steam. I also thought I was within a few thousand words of finishing the draft (WRONG) so I figured I'd slack off and finish it at my own pace.

My own pace meant I actually wrote those delicious words 'THE END' yesterday evening. I know, I know - almost an extra month to finish the last few chapters of a rough-ass draft is not exactly rocketing, but it's done. Now the manuscript gets to fester in a dark room for a few weeks while I catch up on some reading.

And I have LOTS of reading to do! I'm really looking forward to getting through some horror novels (I never did make it through my Halloween reading list...) as well as some fun romances and sci-fis that'll make my brain implode. Always fun, that. But I'm starting with MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME - a collection of festive short stories by some of the biggest names in YA authordom. I'm looking forward to starting that one today.

In January I'll peel my ugly draft from its fungal recess and begin revising and editing and generally performing miracles on it until it becomes a readable little gremlin of a book. That's the plan, anyway - once all the belly-stuffing and present-opening are done.

2015 is going to be bringing some big changes and fun things which I'll write about in the new year, so until then...

XO and mistletoe!



  1. NaNo isn't for everyone! I always just view it as a good excuse to charge forward and ignore the speed bumps. :)

    1. Absolutely! But I did enjoy it while I had my momentum, and got a lot more written than I would have otherwise. Who knows, maybe next year I might even finish it! ;)


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