Thursday, 23 January 2014

My US release date and a few other things...

I am so, so thrilled to be able to let y'all know that BLACKFIN SKY now has a US publication date. It will be coming atcha 2nd September this year!

Also, my good pal Bridget let me know that folks in the US can now preorder my book from Amazon USA. The final cover isn't out there in the world yet, but I can say that I have seen the drafts and it looks fantastic. I don't say this lightly, either, since my UK cover is just beautiful (thank you, Shane Rebenschied!)

I'm one lucky bugger to get 2 amazing covers for my book.

There are a few other irons in the metaphorical fire at the moment, so here's a rundown:

  • I'm getting together awesome Blackfin Sky SWAG to give away during guest blog posts and interviews and such. The UK version comes out first (14th May!) and I have a few blogs lined up already, so please give me a shout here or on twitter if you'd be interested in having me stop by your blog and give away some Blackfin goodies. Here's a photo of one of my cool circusy bookmarks - fancy, no??

  • Right now I'm mentoring in the Sun vs Snow contest (Go Team Snow!) and offering some query/sample suggestions to the contestants. Go check out the amazing entries!
  • Cupid's Blind Speed Dating Contest judges have just been announced, and - you guessed it - I'm in the line-up. I was lucky enough to catch the eye of the Amazing Molly during this contest in 2012, so I'm hoping to pass on my good fortune like a kind of author-genie. What? That's totally a thing.
  • I'm also taking part in Clare M Davidson's pre-release tour for BROKEN BARGAIN. Clickety for details. 

There's more going on, but they're all the beans I can spill right now! 

Kat out x

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