Saturday, 30 March 2013

Zombies, Betta Betas and the Bologna Affair

Sorry I've been a bit absent of late, both here and on twitter. I'm sure if you read my posts about drafting and editing and such over the past few months, you figured I was off polishing up my latest MS, and you'd be right. So, what else is new?

I'm a Zombie. Or I was.

I had the great privilege of being one of the slush zombies for Pitch Madness, and it was awesome seeing all the requests flying with darts and favourites on pitches for PitMad and everything. Now I get to sit back and watch over the next few weeks and months as those requests from agents turn into offers and signings. That's always my favourite part of any contest!

A couple of the other zombies posted their reflections on the whole Pitch Madness event, and I really had nothing new or insightful to add beyond their wisdom, so I did the lazy thing and just copied their links here for you.

Stephanie Diaz's Slushpile Lessons (part 2)

Mina Vaughn's Tales from the Slushpile and How to Twitter Pitch

Facing the New Frontier

I'm venturing into unexplored territory (for me) with my next writing project. I don't want to say too much about it at this point, because then I'd have to spit and spin in a circle and what-have-you to avoid jinxing it, but suffice to say it's not my usual robots/magic type stuff. Once I'm a little further into it, I'll give an update about how it's going and whether I'd rather be tearing out my own teeth with pliers.

Being a Betta Beta

I also have 2 beta/CP projects to finish before I dive back into my own writing (I'm still trying to stick to my new year's resolution to be a better CP), and they're both by incredible writer friends who I feel lucky to know and be able to read for. They are Jani Grey and Jeanmarie Anaya, in case you're not watching them like hawks already. Because you really should be.

The Bologna Affair

I've been keeping my own hawk eyes on Bologna Children's Book Fair (you can check out the tweets from the fair under the hashtag #BCBF13) because this is really the first year I've had an inkling about what goes on there. I think I've mentioned previously I'm a bit of a doof when it comes to knowing about the publishing process beyond getting an agent, but I'm trying to fix that, and learning about one of the key events in the children's publishing calendar is a good step. My agent Molly Ker Hawn and her colleague Gemma Cooper at The Bent Agency have posted some fabulous posts about it, which I recommend you read right NOW.

Molly's post about the fair.

Gemma's posts about what goes on at Bologna and about Bologna book fair meetings.

So, what's new with you guys??

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