Monday, 10 December 2012

TMI Monday - The Post-Apocalypse Edition

OK, so it was more of a holiday than an apocalypse. But it meant leaving my blog alone for 3 weeks, which was surprisingly difficult. [Looks earnest] I missed you guys. [Coughs awkwardly] So. Here's what's been happening.

(For anyone not familiar with TMI Monday, it's basically a weekly offloading of 6 things from my brain.)

  1. Where I went and what I saw (right).This is the Florida version of Cinderella's Castle at the Magic Kingdom, in case you were wondering, and the site of the most awkward Dr Who-related conversation I have ever managed to get trapped into. 
  2. I was put up for auction a few weeks ago (or at least my critiquing skills were) to raise funds for Sandy Relief. The auction was organised by the amazing Jen Malone, and I was honoured to take part. Also, my critique was won by someone whose work I'm really excited to read. *Happy bounce*
  3. I just went on the mother of all reading binges. For me, at least (slooow reader over here). Having loaded my e-reader FULL of awesome manuscripts for my hols and packed a few published novels, I managed to read a bunch of fantastic stories and cut my TBR list down to 4 manuscripts. OK, so that's a lie, but that's all I'm committing to reading over the next few weeks. Beyond that and completing a final line-edit for one of my CPs, I'm taking myself out of the reader pool for a while. It's time to WRITE again.
  4. TRANSPARENCIES, my current WIP, has been calling to me again. I've reached the halfway point with the first draft (reached it some time ago, to be honest) then hit the usual brick wall where I started to question everything. So I did the only thing that seems to work for me when that happens: I took a complete break from it. Cold turkey, no writing. And it was goooood. So now I have fresh eyes, I don't hate my WIP, and I'm ready to nail this thing. [Eye of the Tiger starts playing...]
  5. HOW THE HELL IS IT NEARLY CHRISTMAS?? I've realised with some horror that it's only 2 weeks away. Which means the following week I'll be doing a round-up of my year, and it only feels like a few months since I rounded up 2011. Eep, you guys. EEP.
  6. This was my holiday driving song. Thanks to Jani Grey all the way over in South Africa for introducing me to Chevelle, and providing a weird moment of international existential wondering while I was in the  States.

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