Monday, 22 October 2012


Name: Jeanmarie Anaya
Genre: Contemporary YA
Word Count: 78,000


Crushing on the hottest senior in school who already has the perfect girlfriend is a lose-lose situation for sixteen-year-old wallflower Abby Wheeler. So when a shady frenemy with similar woes proposes “Operation Breakup”—a risky plan for attaining the unattainable, Abby takes the gamble. But the plan is far from foolproof and has social suicide written all over it.


Ian called Phase Three of Operation Breakup the “jealousy experiment,” and it sounded as smart as jumping into a pool of sharks wearing a raw hamburger bathing suit.


No less than five minutes into Global Studies and the first stab of a migraine pierced my left eyeball. It started when I shoved my hand into a brown bag and pulled out a slip of paper with Ian Koch’s name scrawled on it.

“First partnership: Ian Koch and Abby Wheeler!” Mr. Rausch said with a flourish and handed the paper bag to his next victim.

You could hear a pin drop. The entire class looked up like Mr. Rausch had said, “Ian Koch and Osama bin Laden!” They stared at Ian with these big, concerned eyes, like he was going to the gallows or something.

Really? Was I that bad of a partner? I might not have been valedictorian material, but I wasn’t warming the bench in the principal’s office, either.

Ian lifted one hand, looking like it pained him to wave me over. I dragged my ass to the chair next to him, then slammed down so hard I almost paralyzed myself.

Great. Front row. As if Global History wasn’t excruciatingly bad enough.

I loathed sitting up front. Aside from looking like a bonafide dork, Mr. Rausch had this charming habit of spitting when he grew passionate about war (which, in Global History, was just about every day). And since Staples doesn’t sell spit-shields in its school supplies section, I always steered clear of the front row. Hiding somewhere in the middle suited me just fine.

“Should we move into Mr. Rausch’s chair instead?” I tapped my pen on the side of the teacher’s desk.

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