Monday, 22 October 2012


Name: Tamara Walsh
Genre: YA light fantasy romance
Word count: 95,000


On Luc’s sixth birthday his best friend Auri falls through a rip in Trillua and disappears into a parallel world—Earth. Somehow, Luc’s able to watch Auri grow up in his dreams. At sixteen, he risks being exiled to travel to Earth to rescue her, but Auri’s built a new life—one with no room for the boy she’s forgotten.


Kissing Luc feels like a hundred doors swinging open inside me—all of them full of sunlight.


Outside the windows, the glow of the ThriceMoon is being replaced by the glare of the rising sun. Absorbed in my notes on Auri’s world, it takes me a few seconds to understand. The sun? I bolt upright from Sin’s desk chair, scattering papers to the floor.

Half-asleep on his bed, Sin startles. “Blast it, Luc! I’m trying to slee...” Seeing my face, he peters out. “What?”

I point at the window that takes up the west wall of Sin’s bedroom. Beyond it, the blue stretch of valley is steadily brightening. Grey emotion-trails of fear erupt around me. I wave my hand, as if I can physically brush them aside.

Sin shakes his head in mock disappointment and smirks. “You’ve lost control of your emotion-trails.” He yawns before adding pointedly, “Again. I assume you’ve been dreaming of Auri?”

“No! I was not dreaming because I was not sleeping. I was studying and awaiting your contact and now…” I sputter out before jerking my head toward the window. “Look!”

Sin’s head finally turns. His eyes widen so fast it would be amusing under other circumstances. “It’s daybreak? But your...”

“Test is today. I know. Emelina will banish me if she realizes I’ve been out all night.”

Sin’s voice takes on a lilt, "I cannot convey the importance of a good night’s sleep, Luc.” He does a disturbingly good imitation of Emelina.

Crossing the room, I punch him in his arm. Around me, the trails of anxiety darken and I wince as my face heats.

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  1. Loved the hook! Please send me the first fifty pages, along with a synopsis-as a word attachment- to Looking forward to reading your work!

  2. I like this, but the "Line" part makes me think there's a romance with Luc and Auri. If there ISN'T, then please send me the full query & 1st 3 chapters at If it does go beyond friendship, then I'm not your girl for this. Thanks.

  3. this thrills me and I'd like to see more! Please paste into the body of your email: your cover letter, synopsis and first three chapters, and send to: Submissions(at)akaliteraryllc(dot)com. In the subject heading please state: HL&S - Requested by Terrie - with your entry number.

    Many thanks,


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