Monday, 24 September 2012

TMI Monday - Pitches, CPs and a Lonely Boy

Welcome to another round of TMI Monday...enter if you dare! *cough* Uh, yeah. Here's what has been on my mind this week.

  1. This week, I critiqued a CP's manuscript for the first time in months. I have some amazing CPs, and this manuscript was just brilliant, and has left me feeling kind of recharged for my own WIP. It belonged to Jani Grey, in case you're wondering. She's awesome, and should definitely be followed/stalked.
  2. More news will be coming soon on the Hook, Line and Sinker contest. I'm thinking about inviting pitches to critique on my blog before it starts - would you be interested in taking part? I want to give everyone the best possible chance to hook an agent with their pitch, hint hint, so this seems like the way to go if people are interested.
  3. Serious progress is being made on my Writing Room. In case you've missed this story, my husband generously agreed to create a for-me-only writing space in our house, decorated exactly as I want it. It should be finished this week, and I promise to post a photo as soon as it's done.
  4. I finally got to see the film Lawless this week. OMG - what an amazing film! Of course, I adore Tom Hardy, so it already had that in its favour, but it stayed with me all weekend and I can't stop thinking about it, so that means it was something pretty special. Go and see it if you can. It is pretty gruesome in parts, but if you can stomach that, it's well worth watching!
  5. TRANSPARENCIES is at the halfway point, and I posted a new snippet from it here. I'm aiming to write 60k by the end of September, and I'm a ways off that at the moment, but I'll keep posting updates and snippets as it progresses.
  6. Here's the song from my playlist for TRANSPARENCIES which I envision as the 'opening sequence' song.

Comments/questions/general wonderings are always welcome!

Kat out x


  1. Thank you for being awesome, it's way too easy for you.

  2. I would be interested in having my pitch critiqued. (I hope I'll be ready to enter the contest, but putting this caveat in case I say this and am not/chicken out...)

    1. Great! I'll see if anyone else wants in :)

    2. If you'd still like the crit, please email it to katelliswrites (at) gmail (dot) com - I'll be posting the critiques on this blog next week :)

    3. Thanks for letting me know. Will try and have something ready for tomorrow to send and if I miss the deadline wanted to have said thank you for the offer and letting me know (but obv will try and get something ready!)

  3. Woop Woop writing room!!

    Nice song, the feel matches the vibe I got from the Trans snippets. :)


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