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An amazing deleted scene from Misty Provencher's KEYSTONE

Welcome, Provencherites! The most elegant Misty has released a deleted scene in celebration of her brand new book KEYSTONE, the second in the Cornerstone series. And you get to read it HERE!! Also, keep going right to the end of this post to see where you can buy your very own copy of KEYSTONE, and enter up to 4 amazing giveaways. That's right - 4!

This is the letter Misty sent me (and you!) for today's blog stop after I stomped my feet and demanded a deleted scene...uh, I mean asked for one all humble-like.

Misty Provencher

My Dearest Kat,

Of course you’d want to see the deleted scenes.  *face desk*

Here you go, my dear friend, one of the oodles of piles of my foolishness that got torn up, revamped, rehashed and thrown right out of Keystone. This is a scene in which Nali & Garrett are at a house (it was a house with apartments before it was the Hotel Celare) and this is a little deeper into the FIXI company that organizes and stocks the homes of the Ianua when they move. It’s a company run by an Ianua member, but staffed with Simple employees and they work almost the way I imagine witness protection works. They’re all covert and have incredible files and they send their people in and POOF!  Instant, livable abode.

By the by, Cora’s mom was originally employed at FIXI and I also had a horrendous scene in a later re-write in which Cora came over and dropped off Nali’s things. That was scrapped too. (You’re welcome.)

So after you are done reading my foolishness, I’d like some answers from you guys (
this means YOU).  What I want to know is this: how many scenes do you guys trash? How much of your book do you ditch before it’s done and in the box? Keystone set records for me, in terms of rewrites and slashed scenes, so how about you? Tell me your horror stories!


When I click the off button on the phone, Garrett looks up. 

“Wild, huh?” He says. 

“Yeah.” I agree. “They stocked the fridge too?”

“Open it.” He says. I cross the tiny living room and swing open the white door. There is more food in there than my mom and I have ever bought for the two of us. “You might not like it at first. Everything’s organic and most of it is whole food, but that’s how the Contego roll. You’ll see. The better you eat, the easier it is to train and…well, fight, if you have to. I can teach you how to cook it all.”

Out of nowhere, I don’t know even know why, but everything seems to pick this moment to start sinking in. I’m Contego. It’s not some heroic novelty anymore. I’m going to be living in this tiny apartment, worrying about Garrett leaving forever to look after some Core, eating green things and training for real fighting that could get me killed. Dead has a whole different meaning to it when it feels like an actual possibility. 

The fridge shelves get blurry and Garrett is standing close enough behind me that I swear I can feel his skin and that just makes everything worse. I close my eyes for a minute, wishing he would just forget about the training thing and take hold of me like I want him to. Lean in and kiss off the tears before they splatter. His fingertips would erase everything else, I know it. But what he does is clear his throat and take a step backward.  I suck in my lower lip. 

“It’s going to be a big adjustment.” He says softly. I just nod. “But we’re going to be fine, Nali.” He says and I nod again, biting down on my lip this time as the tears graze my cheeks on the way to the floor. I sniffle once.

“Come here.” Garrett says. I think he’s going to hold his arms out to me, to break this stupid rule that holds me at arm’s length, but when I turn, he’s standing in the hallway with the doorknob in his hand. He frowns when he sees my eyes overflowing. “I’m not leaving. But I’m not going to risk your strength for training either. Sit down right there.”

He points to a spot inside the door frame and I sit. He steps out and closes the door, careful of my jutting knee. The last thing I see is him looking down at me, with a smile that I’m sure is meant to heal me, but it breaks my heart. I want to haul the door open. Throw myself at him. Tell him I don’t care if I’m so weak that I can’t stand on my own two feet in the morning, but I’m distracted by the sound on the door. He drags his knuckles softly down the other side until I know he’s sitting too, at the same level as I am, with just a thin wood door between us. 

“Can you hear me?” His voice filters in through the crack.

“Yes.” I tell him, leaning closer.

“Good thing the doors are as thin as the walls, I guess.” He laughs on the other side.  “We’ll have to remember that.”

My stomach spins deep in my lap. I release my lip from my teeth and whisper into the door jamb. “What do you mean?”

“I mean that it’s easy for everyone else to hear everything going on.” He whispers back.  “Between two people.”

I wipe my eyes with the collar of my shirt. I am glad he can’t see me blushing and floundering to think of something romantic to say…something other than every stupid thing that keeps popping into my head. 

“Are you still there?” He asks. 

“I’m here.” I say.

“It’s pretty overwhelming, isn’t it?”

“Mmm hmm.”

“Am I embarrassing you?” 

“No.” I laugh it. That’s because I mean yes. Thinking of Garrett that way isn’t something I usually do with him. I mean, I might do it with my lips on his to give him an idea or behind my eyes where he has no idea, but mostly, I think of him that way when I’m alone. But to think about him…and me…together…with him…embarrasses me completely. Which he’s managing to do beautifully right now, with a door between us and nothing touching but our voices.

“Good.” Garrett murmurs. “So what are we going to talk about?”

My mind races, but I can only think about what I don’t want to talk about. I’m about to start stuttering when Garrett saves me.

“Are you getting excited about training?” He asks.

“Excited? Yeah, I guess.” I say, even though I mean to say, I’m terrified. I’ve got no idea how I’m going to do this. “Are you going to be there?”


“Great.” I say. I hope my voice doesn’t sound as crooked as it feels coming out of my throat.

“You’re nervous.” He says. “You don’t need to be, you know. I’ll be there and Zane’s an awesome teacher.”

“Zane?  Zane’s the one teaching me?” 

His laugh rubs circles on my back. “The Middleditches are the most accomplished in Cavis combat…”

“What does that even mean? A Cavis? And are you trying to tell me that Zane is going to be responsible for teaching me something important?” I think of white-blond Zane in his skinny jeans, humping the library window. I lay my forehead against the door.

“Doesn’t seem right, does it? But it’s true. It’s a Middleditch thing. A Cavis is a weak point. They show up in your energy field and just taking a jab to one - you could feel it for days. Or it could be lethal.” There is a soft thump on the door as if he is lying his forehead on the other side of mine. “That’s why you’re getting in the best hands we’ve got. The Middleditches have handed down their training for generations. Zane’s dad taught him and Zane has taught tons of us. There’s not one Middleditch that’s ever been brought down by a Cavis. You don’t know how amazing that is yet, but it’d be like being able to fly. Cavi are the easiest way to take down an opponent and they are the easiest way to be taken down, so Zane is going to show you how to find them and how to hide yours.”

“Sounds cinchy.” I say into the crack in the door.


“Do they have Cavises on the other side?” I ask. 

“They come with having human bodies.” He says it as if he’s sorry. “But there is energy and other ways, Nali.”

“That’s for Contego, though, right?” My throat is sawdust dry. “My mom’s just an Alo.”

“And so is your father. And Wal…your grandfather is Alo but he’s skilled. He trained and learned everything he could about defense, you know. For the Alo, that’s extremely rare. He’s an incredible man and he knew so much, I don’t think for a minute that the two of them aren’t going to be able to bring your dad back.”

“I don’t care if he comes back.” I whisper. “I only care that they do.”

“I know.” Garrett’s voice is thicker than the wood. “We’re going to find your grandfather’s memory, Nali.  I owe it to you and your mom and your grandfather too. But even Wally wouldn’t be down with letting you go after his memory without any training. We’ll get you going as soon as we can.”

“When can I start? Tomorrow?” 

“Tomorrow’s school.” His chuckle is uneasy. “But we’ll start training this week.”

“School?” I groan and tap my forehead against the wood. He can’t be serious. “How am I supposed to do school along with all of this?”

“You’ll be surprised at what you can do.” He says. But what I can do isn’t what I want to do. 

“It’s not that I can’t,” But I’m thinking, how am I going to when I don’t want to? “But it’s more important that I help my mom. And I have to be able to defend myself. I don’t see how calculus is going to help me right now.”

“It will though.”

“How can you possibly believe that?” 

“Because finishing school is long term. Finding the memory and learning how to fight, I swear we’re going to do both, but you’re going to have a life after them. I don’t want it to become your whole focus. People can get lost in things like that. You’ve got more to do in your life even after we get your grandfather’s memory back and you’ll have to be ready for it.”

“I think school should wait until I’m sure my mom’s okay.”

“She’s going to be fine.” 

“But I don’t know that.”

“You would,” His voice filters in through the door and the frame. Something brushes the door on his side. His fingers, I think. I imagine them on my skin. “Have faith in me.”
“I do.” I tell him and I brush back. “Completely.”

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  1. Just realized I also didn't edit any of my deleted scenes, so these are as good as underwear hanging on a laundry line. LOL!!! Who has more fun than us, Kat? WHO?

    1. Indeed ;) Always nice to know that I'm not alone in my typoing.

  2. Hmmm, where is everybody? They usually come back and comment on my FB instead of throwing their comments down here. Huh. Well, if it's just me and you, Kat, how about some more Pilot? There's never enough Pilot.

    1. Dang it - can't add Pilot pics to my comments box! Probably for the best as he's looking especially evil this afternoon... *looks worriedly at cat sharpening his claws*

  3. Especially evil and we don't get a photo? *shakes fist at stupid comment box limitations*

    1. Instead of my evil little cat, why don't you check out my shiny new button? *Points up a bit and to the right* :)

  4. I love that deleted scene! I remember this part of the book very well. And Cora's mom was originally part of FIXI? That would be crazy! Thanks so much for sharing with us Misty!

    1. Thank you so much, Candace! And yes, Cora had more page time in one of the many original drafts. Sorry, Cora.

  5. I really enjoyed this scene, but I do like the fortress hotel so much better! I feel so bad for Nalena in this scene. She's suddenly so alone and Garrett can't even comfort her. Also, I would love to read more about every branch of the Ianua. Spinoffs perhaps?

    1. I'm glad you thought the hotel was a better choice too, Amber! And want to know more about the Curas...spinoffs could be a possibility since I have goobs of info on the other characters in those communities. I'll think more on that when I finish the series!

  6. I freakin' love reading deleted scenes and I love this there is just a lot of love going on over here

    1. *squeezes the stuffing out of Tess Watson in the world's biggest bear hug* Back at ya, babe!

  7. I'm totally with Tess here! I love it all! Thanks, Kat for hosting this awesome scene! You just rock all the way around, Misty Provencher! <3 Garrett has been added to my fictional boyfrans!

    1. *squeezes BellaBunnell in the world's second (but just as potent) biggest bear hug* I'm so happy that the book has made you guys happy!

  8. Of course Kat would ask for a deleted scene, they're so much fun to read, typos and all ;-) Thanks for sharing this one with us, Misty.

    I must have cut at least 60k words from Trinity, probably more! That's a lot of words.

    1. *snorts* Kat's asking for the deleted scene scared me a little. See, I had to open up the shed in my computer and not be killed by the thousands of deleted scenes that fell out. I RISKED MY LIFE FOR YOU, KAT. :D
      So when you do your blog tour, Clare, you're going to give me a deleted scene at my stop, aren't you? AREN'T YOU??!!! (nudge, nudge, do a tour, wink wink)


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