Monday, 13 August 2012

TMI Monday - The Con, The Weasel, and The Wicked Game

Howdy. As always, Monday has rolled around and with it comes 6 randomisms from my mental hoard. You know, as opposed to my visceral hoard, in which you will find mostly chocolate.

A warning to weasel-lovers: this post does refer to a genuinely dead weasel. It does not feature a photo of said weasel, because I thought it might skeeve people out.

  1. Firstly, I bring sad news. The hair-chopping went ahead as scheduled, and was followed by a streak-test for the promised blueifying. IT DID NOT WORK. The streak stayed stubbornly brown (I know it would have worked if I'd bleached it, but previous devastating adventures with bleach have led to my swearing off the peroxide for eternity). So. Blue is out. BUT, I think I can do something pretty epic if I turn my beady eyes toward the scarlet spectrum. I will keep you informed of progress, with photographs of any noteworthy success (or failure).
  2. WriteOnCon is taking place this week, and lots of my tweeps have signed up and posted their queries/first 250/first 5 pages into the forums. They WILL be snapping up requests L, R & C because they're just that frickin' awesome. If you haven't checked out the threads yet, get yourself registered for WOC (it's free) and take a look at the awesomeness here.
  3. I did a romantic thing on Friday. I am not predisposed to romantic behaviour and would generally raise a skeptical eyebrow if accused of it. Nevertheless, a picnic was had, with prosecco in the garden and a sunset and everything. *Ticks 'romantic gesture' off this year's to-do list* This was somewhat overshadowed by the discovery of a new victim on the back lawn, courtesy of Pilot the cat (hereafter referred to as Pilot, Scourge of Weaselkind). The only thing to come out of this really was confirmation that I have no idea about the actual size of such creatures in real life. I had imagined a weasel to be about the same size as a ferret. They are not the same size as ferrets AT ALL. I had a similar encounter a few months ago with a mole, again courtesy of Pilot, Scourge of Weaselkind. THEY'RE LIKE MINIATURE ANIMALS, PEOPLE. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS? Anyway, the discovery of the dead weasel trumped the romantic gesture, and all was once again right in the world.
  4. My twitter pal and CP Bridget Shepherd has this week introduced me to the anime world of Naruto. I have to confess, anime is one of those fascinating and confusing things which I have gone through life being aware of, but kind of crossing to the other side of the street to avoid. However, Bridget posted a brilliant insight into her favourite characters in the series, and also sent me links to clips of it which I kinda loved. Maybe not enough to become an anime aficionado like Bridget, but at least I know a little bit more about it now.
  5. Over the next few weeks, I have some brilliant guest posts and interviews lined up, so if you're cruising by please do come back and take a look. Or, you know, follow my blog - whichever's easier. *Whistles innocently* Anyway, coming up: a post on writing YA Noir by Ian Hiatt; Clare Davidson will be sharing the inspiration behind her new YA fantasy TRINITY; there will be an author interview with Ruth Parlour to celebrate the release of YA fantasy EARTH ANGEL; and the amazing Misty Provencher is going to be sharing an exclusive deleted scene from her new release, KEYSTONE. Whew! Quite a line up! I'll also be writing a separate post about deleted scenes in the next few days, and holding a book giveaway next month to celebrate... well, exactly what I'm celebrating is a topic for another post. If you have any blog topic suggestions you'd like me to write about, or if you'd like to see your name added to the guest list sometime in the next couple of months, please drop me an email: katelliswrites (at) gmail (dot) com
  6. The PURGE revisions are now DONE! *Cue celebratory can-can chorusline and mariachi band* This means that it's back to my WIP full time. Well, when I'm not doing my actual full time job. Thanks to some Word Warring this week, my word count for TRANSPARENCIES is creeping up. It's nowhere near where I thought it would be by now, but I continue to move tortoise-like towards the finish line. Here's a recent addition to the playlist for this WIP.

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  1. Bahahaha! Naruto has been called the Japanese Harry Potter too, ninjas instead of wizards.

    There is creepy anime out there but that's certainly not all of it. :D


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