Monday, 6 August 2012

TMI Monday - Blood-eyes, Wardrobe Malfunctions, and Pilot the Cat

This week's TMI Monday is brought to you by the letters X and S and by the number 6.

  1. I've been working hard on revisions so that PURGE can go on sub next month, and also looking ahead to working on my new WIP (read: sneaking in a few K when nobody was looking). In between I pulled together my last post, Shit Happens (I say pulled together because there were so many wonderful contributors), wrote some interview questions for Ruth Parlour who will be hopping onto my blog later this month, and wrote a guest post for my pal Ian Hiatt which I think will go up on his blog in a few days. And yes, I have given myself a blood-eye. Side note: I tried taking a picture of the blood-eye, but ended up taking The Most Creepy Photo of All Time. Thought I'd spare you. Have this cute picture of my cat instead.
  2. Because I'm no longer under any obligation to have long hair (bridesmaid duties are now past) I will soon be chopping the locks and probably regretting it immediately. For a little fun, I'll also be dyeing it blue or purple and hoping I don't get fired. Pictures to follow.
  3. E and I have both been very excited this week as we've arranged some more stuff for our holiday in November (this is the one where I go abroad to avoid having to acknowledge my Big Birthday. BTW, you should definitely read Ruth Lauren Steven's post about her birthday - I love how it kind of ends up, "Huh. Things are actually pretty great and I'm going to go and have some cake now with my bad self".) Anyway, I asked E what he was most looking forward to doing in Florida. He said: "Shooting bigger guns. And riding on one of those fan boats. And watching the laser show at EPCOT." Love my husband.
  4. I don't normally do this, but I'm tagging in Summer Heacock (@fizzygrrl) for TMI Mondays. My reasons are threefold: firstly, she has the most freakin' hilarious misadventures that a weekly update is simply the Right Thing To Do (par example: this week a trip to the stylist concluded with her cape being whipped off to reveal a quite serious wardrobe malfunction of the breastly persuasion); secondly, she has just resumed blogging and is doing so with verve; and thirdly, you'll want to read about Summer. She is on the verge of HUGE things.
  5. A Googling calamity led me to read a horrifying entry in the Urban Dictionary this week (*cough* Ron Weasley, but read at your own peril *cough*). That said, the Urban Dictionary is both educational and absurd (as much as any wiki can be). Just look up the word "grundle" - I had no idea this existed. Seriously. And no idea how I can possibly work this into my next manuscript... 
  6. The rest of this month is going to be dedicated to TRANSPARENCIES (aforementioned WIP). As such, I will resume Friday Snippeting and adding to the playlist. For now, here's one of my favourite tracks from the list.


  1. Gaaaaaaaaaaaw, shucks. *blushes like a boss*

    I for one am like, stupid excited to see your new hair. *waits patiently*

    1. Notification received: manic panic "ultraviolet" hair dye has dispatched!! :)

      (I know I'm going to regret this. But WTH.)

  2. I shall live vicariously through your with the short purple/blue hair.

    1. Lol, I'll try to make it spectacular!


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