Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Find out what inspires TRINITY author Clare Davidson

Welcome to Clare Davidson, author of the amazing YA fantasy debut TRINITY. Here's a little bit about her brand new book:

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Kiana longs to walk through a forest and feel grass between her toes. But she is the living embodiment of a goddess and has enemies who wish to murder her. Her death will curse the whole of Gettryne. Locked away for protection, she dreams of freedom.

Her wish comes true in the worst possible way, when her home and defenders are destroyed.

Along with an inexperienced guard and a hunted outcast, Kiana flees the ravages of battle to search for a solution to the madness that has gripped Gettryne for a thousand years. Pursued by the vicious and unrelenting Wolves, their journey will take them far beyond their limits, to a secret that will shake the world.


I asked Clare to share what inspired her to write TRINITY.

Perhaps the better question to ask is: what inspired me to write 'Guardian'?

Let me explain… 'Guardian' is the failed work in progress (WIP) that 'Trinity' was born from. Many of the ideas are similar between the two projects and the three main characters are reflections of those in 'Guardian'.

Before I started 'Guardian' I was in a writing slump. I'd been on and off tinkering with a WIP that I couldn't get to work, no matter what I did. I needed a 'just for fun' project.  I didn't know then that I was laying the groundwork for 'Trinity'.

At the time, I'd just discovered a new Anime series by Clamp, called 'Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles' (based on a Manga of the same name). If you're not familiar with the series, it takes a lot of Clamp's favourite characters and puts them in one story: same names and faces, different backgrounds. I loved the series and decided to use it as a creative jump board for my 'fun' project. I sifted out the main concepts and boiled them down to the one core element that I thought was the most important: a young man risks everything to save the girl he loves.

From that spark, I wrote 'Guardian' and fell in love. The problem was… well… to this day I'm not sure what the problem was. Something about that WIP simply didn't work. I loved key moments of it and the characters, but as a whole something wasn't right.

I didn't want to give up on it entirely. Therefore I went back to the original spark that 'Tsubasa' had inspired, pulled out everything I loved about 'Guardian', sat down with a friend and hashed out the loose plan that would eventually become my debut novel, 'Trinity'.
Thanks to Clare for stopping at my blog. Now go get yourselves to Goodreads to buy Trinity!


  1. Inspiration often comes from the most unexpected places - anime and manga are definitely one of those. It's great to see what inspired you to write this amazing book; it gives a more in-depth look at your writing process, in a way.

  2. It's really interesting to see your process, how the story came into being. It's not normally as simple as sitting down and hashing out a perfect story first time! I know it wasn't for me either :)

  3. So many of us have discarded works from which more successful works wore born. I'm glad Trinity worked for you. Now get back to writing and get that sequel/prequel done! :)

    Thanks, Kat, for a lovely post.


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