Monday, 20 August 2012

Blog Awards

The very lovely Ruth Ellen Parlour tagged me with 2 blog awards: the Beautiful Blogger Award and Reader Appreciation Award. Thanks Ruth!

This means that I must now tell you 7 dark, dirty secrets about myself...wait, what do you mean it's just 7 random things? Not dark and dirty...? Oh, OK then. My bad.

But as it's 7 random things, I figured this post should take the place of my TMI Monday post this week. Here goes...
  1. I can bend my knees the wrong way. I don't mean like a frickin' centaur - I mean if I sit on the floor I can bend one knee to 90 degrees so that my right foot points out to the right and my other knee the opposite way so that my left foot points out to the left, making a straight line with my shins. It's weird, and not that many people can do it, but you'd be surprised how many will get down on the floor to try (especially when drunk).
  2. I don't eat fish, especially shellfish. Shrimp are a particular stomach-turner for me - it's like watching people eat sea insects. *shudders*
  3. When I was about 6 years old I was almost hanged in a tree. Accidentally, of course. I'd been climbing it and slipped, but the hood of my long, red coat (for some reason my mother liked to dress me as the dead kid in Don't Look Now!) caught on one of the branches and left me swinging and turning a bit purple. My sister laughed til she wet herself before calling our mother to get me down.
  4. I speak Welsh fluently and French badly (mostly just the swear words).
  5. I once accidentally slapped an old guy on a plane because I was dreaming about playing frisbee with plates. I pretended I was still asleep.
  6. I named my cat Pilot after Rochester's dog in Jane Eyre. Just because I thought it was a cool name, not because I'm a nerd...yeah.
  7. I'll be spending my 30th birthday in Disney World, FL, later this year. Also not because I'm a nerd. Just in denial about the whole '30' thing.
Now, following the rules, I must tag in 7 others for these 2 awards. They are:
Have fun, you guys!

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