Monday, 16 July 2012

TMI Monday - The Wig's Debut

Welcome to another TMI Monday, where I share 6 random things that have happened or have just been taking up brain space over the past week.

  1. The Amy Winehouse Wig Outing (AKA my sister's hen party) finally happened on Saturday night. For those who have asked for evidence, here is a photo of said wiggery. It was a great night... from what I can remember.
  2. Kind of following on from #1, I travelled home on the train feeling extremely ropey on Sunday, but was massively cheered up reading this post on Janey Godley's blog about a couple breaking up on a train.  
  3. My writing this week has been more outlining than writing writing. Not a bad thing, actually - I'm very much a plotter, so having a clear idea of what will happen chapter-by-chapter helps me to avoid hitting brick walls in the first draft. It's also helpful when it comes to writing the synopsis and dreaded query pitch. Having an outline to refer back to helps me gain some perspective after I've spent a few months wrapped up in my characters' lives.
  4. I got some new faces to add to the Purge Wall. Check out the page if you haven't already - and there's always room for more if you fancy being a part of it... *waves yellow lipstick at you in a menacing fashion*
  5. I wrote my first ever guest post this week. It's about the pros and cons of entering query contests, and will be up on Rachel Horwitz's blog later this week, so please check it out and let me know if you agree/disagree/think I'm nuts.
  6. I've made mention of doing the Running Man a few times here and on twitter. What you may not realise is that I'm being deadly serious about this and do, in fact, take something akin to patriotic pride in it. Here's why....

And yes, this video is a perfect portrayal of Welshness. I should know.


  1. You look gorgeous, Kat. Amy is a good look on you :D
    Also, I feel like I've lost 2:47 minutes of my life after watching that video. Thank you.

    1. THE BEST 2:47 minutes of your life. Or something.


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