Monday, 30 July 2012

TMI Monday - The Universal Constant of Bridesmaid Fugliness

Welcome to an Olympic TMI Monday. This differs from other TMI Mondays in no way except that I am writing this whilst wearing a Union Jack leotard and twirling a baton.

  1. As the intro might have hinted, I have been watching some of the Olympic fun this week. Admittedly, it was mostly the bits where the camera pans to the Queen looking bored, but the Games are young so I expect I'll actually watch some races and stuff at some point. Til then, there's this past Olympic clip to enjoy. Over and over again.
  2. I was Matron of Honour at my sister's fabulous wedding on Saturday. As my sister had been lovely and bought me a gorgeous dress to wear, I felt it was only right to turn up with shockingly bad hair. Or my stylist felt that, one or the other. I said as she was wave-ironing it: "This isn't going to look crimped, is it?" To which she responded with an indignant denial. Soon as she'd finished, I went to take a look, and LO! IT LOOKED CRIMPED. Thus the Universal Constant of Bridesmaid Fugliness was upheld.
  3. My personal hangover cure (last invoked on Sunday) is: lucozade, salt and vinegar crisps and raw tomatoes. I don't question it. It just works.
    This image belongs to Cait Peterson and can be found here:
    Image from Cait Peterson's pinterest board.
  5. Following on from last week's TMI post where I mentioned the whole getting-sued-for-using-copyrighted-images-on-your-blog thing, the amazing Cait Peterson has created a pinterest board with creative commons images people can use. She rocks. Take a look - there are loads of awesome shots. Please remember to link back to Cait's site though, coz that's just good manners and shiz. Here's an image I've fallen in love with in particular because it makes me think of Blackfin Pier in my new WIP.
  6. I *think* 2 of my CPs are on the brink of signing agents. I have already pestered one into letting me interview her as soon as it happens, and I'm just fizzing with excitement.
  7. Due to #1 and #2, this week has been pretty stop-start in the old writing department. I started off pretty well with a few thousand new words for TRANSPARENCIES, then got my agent's revision notes for PURGE and changed gears to work on that. But in the spirit of not completely neglecting my new WIP, I geeked out watching this documentary about parallel universes, string theory, M theory and other ubergeekery. All in the name of research, of course.

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