Monday, 23 July 2012

TMI Monday - Heroes, Eyeballs and Disparate Youth

It's another TMI Monday, and a lot has been going on lately. Here are the 6 things I'm expelling from my brain cavity this week...

  1. In a week where truly awful news has hit the headlines, there has also been one particularly stellar example of humanity and heroism. You may have heard about Steve St. Bernard, the New York City bus driver who caught a 7 year old girl in his arms after she fell from a third-storey window. This story made my week a lot brighter.
  2. The outline for my new WIP, TRANSPARENCIES, is done. Have I resumed drafting it where I left off to work on PURGE  revisions? YES, finally!
  3. I went for a meal to a restaurant on the weekend with my 3-year-old niece. She's at that wonderful age where bodily irregularities are highly entertaining to her, so my father showed her his cut-off-my-finger trick (it does miraculously screw back on), and I demonstrated my ability to move my ears independently. This was not as impressive as the finger trick, apparently, but I did inform her it was a much rarer talent. She nodded sagely and we left it at that.
  4. My first ever guest blog post (about the pros and cons of query contests) went live this week over on Rachel Horwitz's blog. It was lots of fun, so I'll be looking out for other blogs I can sneak onto sometime...*eyes your blog with intent*
  5. You may have noticed that the images on my blog have, er, changed a little bit. To be honest, I got freaked out by this cautionary post by Roni Loren about using images (even with disclaimers and the best of intentions) and being sued if you don't have express permission/ownership of them. So, I've removed any images from this site that I thought might fall into that trap, and have replaced them with... other pictures. Yes, you could say I have used this as an excuse to put pictures of me in random poses all over my blog. You would be right. SUE ME. (No, please don't.) One I'm rather proud of is the Friday Snippets eyeball, which I freely admit I photoshopped to get rid of the eye bag and map of veins coursing through the white... What? I'm a writer. I don't sleep. 
  6. The TRANSPARENCIES playlist is growing steadily, with a few new additions this week. This is one of my favourites.


  1. Thanks for posting a link to Roni Loren's blog, it is indeed a cautionary tale that I'm sure many would be interested to read. I learnt a lot.

    1. Thanks Suzanne - and I'm glad it was helpful. I know a lot of folk who've been pretty scared by the whole thing, and I think it's better to be safe than sued!


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