Monday, 9 July 2012

TMI Monday - Fenton, Firefly and the Thundercats in Space

Another few random little deets from my week this week. But it's still TMI.

  1. I did something a bit clever this weekend. I decided to write a complete chapter-by-chapter outline of a future WIP, and it turned out pretty great (I have had CP confirmation of this). It also made writing a synopsis SO much easier, and I suspect it'll make the drafting fly. FLY, I TELL YOU.
  2. I love speaking with my agent. Part of this is because she tells me to do things like read The Owl Service by Alan Garner and watch Firefly... so that's what I'll be doing this week. I'll also be writing a post about how I found my amazing agent later this week - so watch out for that.
  3. This clip was discussed as inspiration for a possible smexy-scene-interrupting event in one of my CP's manuscripts. "FENTON!!!" FTW.
  4. The day of the Amy Winehouse dress-up looms ever closer, and I worry that I don't have enough transfer tattoos. That would just be awful. I have one, and it's a good one, but somehow not enough...
  5. I can't get a MS idea out of my head. It's not even a fully-fledged idea - it's basically a spoof of the Thundercats in space. I HAVE A MOTTO PICKED OUT AND EVERYTHING. I am convinced it would be epic, but this could well stem from my lifelong ambition to BE Cheetarah, and not any writerly savvyness.
  6. My mam read my blog for the first time this week. She said she really likes that song by M83.


  1. Your CPs definitely approve. Purge 2 is going to be one heck of a rollercoaster. I hope there will be lots and lots of Amy Winehouse pic. I want to see this.

    1. Thanks Jani! Writing the outline for Purge 2 got me all giddy about it again, so I hope it comes to pass :D

  2. Your agent loves talking to you, too!

    1. *high pitched squeal* Er... I mean, thank you.

  3. I cannot wait for P2, you in that wig, and Thundercats in space ahaha sounds pretty awesome! <3

    Also, love Midnight City.

  4. OMG!!! You cannot write scifi without watching FIREFLY! And I don't even write scifi, I'm just a complete wreck of a fangirl. *LOVE*


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