Monday, 2 July 2012

TMI Monday - Beetles, Wigs and Calvin Harris

Yep, looks like this may become a Thing. Here are another 6 random bits of information I dare say you don't want to know...

  1. I have approximately 120 published novels in my TBR pile. I keep looking at it and weeping inside.
  2. Pitch Black is one of my all time favourite films. So is Rebecca (the Joan Fontaine / Laurence Olivier version). But I can only quote chunks from one of them.
  3. I betad 2 manuscripts this week. Both very different, both excellent. I think this vaguely relates to #2, and how my brain is basically a cerebral manifestation of the Calvin Harris song 'I get all the girls'. BUT, finishing these 2 MSs also signals the end of my beta-reading for a while, as I can't do that and work on my new WIP. I may get all the girls, as it were, but can only concentrate on one at a time. (Yes, this bullet point has gone to places I didn't intend. Oh well.) 
  4. I celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary on Saturday, which somehow resulted in me wearing metallic cherry nail polish. I keep catching sight of them in my peripheral vision and thinking they're red beetles. Freaking out is involved.
  5. The Amy Winehouse wig has arrived.
  6. This song is amazing, and is on the playlist for my new WIP - a YA supernatural mystery called TRANSPARENCIES.

I think that's enough random shiz for this week. Kat out x

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