Thursday, 14 June 2012

Beyond kissy stuff and the male POV

AKA - My Writer's Squeam

A few manuscripts into this writing adventure, I'm fairly confident that the male POV is where my writing style sits most comfortably. Maybe this comes from my own tomboyish tendencies... I dunno. And it doesn't matter, because I love writing from the male POV and everything that comes along with that - guy thoughts, guy feelings, guy friendships and experiences - the whole shebang.


The beyond kissy stuff. And by 'the beyond kissy stuff' I don't mean kissing, but everything beyond the kissing. The er, physical reactions. *Cough*. Describing what a guy is thinking about while he's kissing someone. And that someone could be a guy or a girl - that's not the issue. It's just so much easier (read: less cringe-inducing) to put myself inside a girl's head in that situation.

And I SO love the kissy stuff in novels. When I'm not reading YA it's usually some kind of adult romance - historical, contemporary, paranormal - any kind, really. And I've read romance that's written from a male POV and enjoyed that just as much as romance from the woman's perspective.

So why do I hesitate when it comes to writing a little smexiness from my male MC's standpoint? Why am I denying my male MC some smexiness, FCOL?!
Well... it's because THIS IS MY WRITER'S SQUEAM. That thing I'm squeamish about in my writing that I, in my logical brain, know is important to include in YA novels, but which I'll still be writing whilst cringeing and squealing at a pitch that only dogs can hear.

How about the rest of you - do you write from a male POV? Do you find the beyond kissy stuff tough to write? Or do you have some other Writer's Squeam?

Let me know!


  1. lol Kat, you are awesome for blogging about this. I do not write male POV but I'll admit that if I did, I'd be squeamish as well. But that's the fun part of the challenge. Figuring out the right way to do it and then doing it well. I'm sure you'll knock it out of the park.

  2. I think, at least for me, part of it is that I haven't read a whole lot of erotic content written from the male POV. I've been reading and therefore absorbing ways to describe sex from the female point of view for years, I think reading some male POV would help me if I ever decided to go that route. Not that I would copy them consciously but I think it does seep into your subconscious, you know what you liked reading and it comes out in your writing.

  3. This is so funny - I JUST started a male POV WIP last night. Its really really hard.

    I wonder if anyone can recommend a good MALE-WRITTEN YA, MALE POV with kissing scenes (and more)? I'd like a little research from a guy's perspective. Hmm. I'm going to tweet this question actually. LOL

  4. I write from both male and female PoV but tend not to go very far beyond the kissy stuff regardless of which gender I'm writing from. I don't tend to read anything that's leaning too far towards the erotic, so that's probably why! I've only ever written the more physical stuff from the female perspective, so that probably should tell me that I have the same "squeam" as you ;-)


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