Friday, 6 April 2012

Getting over the writing hump

...of which, in my experience, there are at least 2 per book. Mine tend to sit right at the beginning - that clean, white expanse that is the first page waiting to happen (and waiting, and waiting...), and again right before the I finish the first draft.

It's not a lack of plotting. I am a plotter, and plot my ass off. In my head, at least. And usually with scribbly notes and shiz as well.

No, it's not that I don't know what I'm going to write, it's just... brainfreeze. The writing equivalent of stage fright, maybe. Not a lack of ideas or direction, just that instinctive unwillingness to start or finish a project that's going to mean some kind of emotional upheaval for me *sob*. to deal with this most distressing part of the writing process?


Yep, I'm old skool like that. I find the only way to get past this part is to SIT MY ASS DOWN AND WRITE. And write some more. Til the hard part's over and done with, and I've stopped trying to swerve the whole writing hump thing.

Because, as Shakespeare or some other writer dude once said... "Ain't no swerving the hump, yo."

An aside - in case you're wondering who the crazy ass driver of that Landrover is, well... *looks at husband sleeping on the couch* Yeah.

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