Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Coming soon! Paranormal Day guest post - Misty Provencher

I have a special guest hopping onto my blog on May 3rd (n'yeah, that just happens to be Paranormal Day, yo) - CORNERSTONE authoress and general fabulista, MISTY PROVENCHER!

OK, so I may have paranormalled her up a bit... Wait, no - her eyes really do that.

Make sure to come back and check out her special Paranormal Day post - with a review of Cornerstone by yours truly.

Meantime, if you haven't read Cornerstone and want to give it a whirl (which I seriously recommend you do) - here's an intro and links to sites where you can buy it.

CORNERSTONE is the story of Nalena Maxwell, a girl who receives the wrong dang sign of an ancient community that is responsible for maintaining the intellectual evolution of the human race.  And if the choices coming aren't tough enough, there's a with liquid blue eyes...that understands exactly who and what Nalena is.

Available in paperback and ebook at: 
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