Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Cutting Room

It's halfway through the weekend I'd set aside for editing, and I find myself in the weird position of having, er, finished. With a day to spare.


So I find myself wondering how I've managed to get it done so quickly - and the answer is that I have, it seems, found my editing groove.

The Editing Specs.
Some serious shiz right there.
I'm doing a bit of random shrugging as I write this, because I'm certainly not an expert when it comes to editing. What I have done, though, is find the editing method that works for me. If you're a writer too, you'll probably have your own process - which might include things like reading your work aloud, editing chapter by chapter with a crit partner, rewriting scenes from different POVs to see what works best, even paying a professional to edit for you... whatever. There are loads of ways you can edit.

Mine is... put the bloody thing away for 2 years, then hatchet-edit the whole MS before going back to do smooth edits. That's it. And it's taken me 2 years and about a week to do this (including shoved-in-a-drawer time). As painful as it is to admit, that time spent away from my WIP was exactly what I needed to figure out what I really wanted to do with the story, and helped me gain enough perspective to see what worked and what didn't.

I hope.

So this WIP is now going out to the betas, then I'll probably be doing a little fixin' based on their comments. THEN it'll be query time, folks!

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